Amelia Bono teaches us how to wear a trench coat (from Zara) in winter

Amelia Bono teaches us how to wear a trench coat (from Zara) in winter +2023

Amelia Bono inspires us again with one of his fantastic looks. The celebrity, that is sweeping in instagram with their funny videos and also with their outfits, He has delighted us with his latest bet. Amelia, her husband and her children have gone on the long weekend and have escaped to London, a beautiful city always, but especially at Christmas.

The celebrities For sightseeing, he has chosen a comfortable and warm outfit to face the low temperatures, a looks that we can copy for our own getaways or a Christmas shopping afternoon.

Amelia Bono inspires us with her latest look in the form of a perfect jumpsuit for this Christmas
Amelia Bono

Amelia has chosen a outfits loaded with basics perfectly combined. Jeans High-waisted and flared claritos with frayed hem combined with sneakers New Balance gray and white. A very flattering model, especially for short ones because the bell lengthen the leg.

Amelia Bono uses this iconic anti-aging cream that she claims leaves her skin smoother.
amelia bond

But the star of his looks It is the green trench coat with maxi lapels from Zara, a piece that is made of fine fabric for this time of year but that Amelia has combined with a black quilted fleece jacket, a very warm high-necked garment worn underneath. A perfect garment for very cold days. The price of the trench coat is €35.95.

The outfits which he has completed with a wide-brimmed black hat, which gives him a very chic, and matching bag.


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