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Episode 6 of yellowstone Season 5 starts in the middle of the gathering. Beth is already bored and is annoying John to death. Rip jokes that she has “a mean streak as big as this valley”. Beth admits that she doesn’t think the land before her is beautiful. “I don’t like to share the things I find beautiful, you know what I mean?” she tells Rip. He replies, “Every time I look at you, I know exactly what you mean.”

Mo is at home with his family when he feels his whole house shaking. He goes outside and sees military helicopters flying overhead. He gets in his car and follows them. It’s the police secret service. There’s an event that Rainwater and Mo don’t know about. Mo tells one of the officers that they cannot host an event on Broken Rock land without permission from Rainwater. Police kill all stray dogs. Mo thinks the President of the United States is coming to town. Rainwater and Mo later learn that Angela set this up.

Sarah plants the seed to defeat John

Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner in Yellowstone. (parent network)

Meanwhile, Jamie and Sarah can’t get enough of each other. Jamie still feels Sarah has ulterior motives. She trains him and asks him why he’s not the governor of Montana. Sarah turns the conversation around with an ulterior motive: get Jamie elected governor, restore the lease, and see the airport project through. Looking at Jamies shows he’s already thinking about it.

He follows her into the shower. “Help me win the governor and I’ll give you your airport,” John whispers to Sarah. She wants to find a way to achieve all of this sooner rather than later.

Alone at the ranch, Summer sees Gator and Monica preparing for the branding feast. Monica and Summer have a frank conversation. Monica admits that Beth could easily have hated her. “I married the heir to the ranch and now the heir doesn’t want the ranch anymore,” says Monica. Monica points out that Beth has always defended her. Monica loves Kayce and is no threat to the ranch, which Beth knows.

Emmett dies during the gathering

Rip takes Beth to a quiet meadow he found over a year ago. He has a bottle and cigarettes ready for her. “I could live here and never see anyone but you in my life,” says Beth. “I don’t need anything else.”

The next morning, John finds Emmett Walsh dead. John says goodbye, admitting that he “couldn’t think of a better way to die.” Rip helps round up the other cowboys for John to deal with. John rushes back to Emmett’s wife so he can tell her himself. As he breaks the news, a camera captures the moment John comforts Emmett’s wife.

Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner in Yellowstone. (parent network)

Ryan and Abby’s romance only grows stronger. Their branding chemistry is electric. A girl asks Carter to dance. He’s nervous and admits he doesn’t know how. The girl says she will teach him. John asks Summer to dance but she declines because he sends mixed signals. He then goes over to ask Lynelle to dance.

Jamie and Sarah watch a news report about why John is refusing to meet with the President. The account talks about Emmett’s death and how John was there for his wife. Jamie notes that John is “hard to beat in a fair fight.” Sarah turns to Jamie and says, “I don’t think we can let him show up for the fight, Jamie.” Now she’s got her claws in!

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