$70M Ryan Gosling often resorts to this $2,300 accessory when he needs a touch of glam +2023

Tag Heuer Ambassador Ryan Gosling knows how to style his watches. The actor became a Tag Heuer Ambassador in 2021, marking his first-ever brand partnership. Recently, Jay-Z bought a $1 million Tag Heuer watch to add to his luxury collection. Watches have been a status symbol for decades, with a variety of expensive materials and technical wizardry to choose from.

Jay-Z recently added a Richard Mille watch to their collection. His samurai-inspired watch honored the historic Asano clan to pay homage to Japanese heritage. Meanwhile, Gosling’s collection was also part of his career. Here’s a look at his particular choice.

What is Ryan Gosling’s favorite Tag Heuer watch?

Ryan Gosling may have a net worth of $200 million, but his choice of watch isn’t as expensive as you might think. That Notebook The actor rocks a no-frills Carrera Three Hands, which is said to cost around 2300 euros. The clock was part of his new film, The gray man. Gosling was also sighted styling the clock outside his office once.

However, the actor prefers simpler watches, saying: “I don’t think I’m there yet. But I’m interested.” The entertainer has already worn a Patek Philippe reference 5196G in his thriller film drivera leather strap watch from the 1940s that is a bulkier version of the Rolex Submariner.

This was followed by an oversized vintage omega, which he captured la la country The actor makes sure to wear his precious pieces in a controlled environment. While most celebrities spend millions on their collection, Gosling prefers more stylish but understated pieces. The actor is currently working on a colorful film about it Barbie, and maybe a chic, playful clock awaits us for the stylish toy world. ‘

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The actor has been known for directing everything from romantic comedy to thriller, adjusting the clocks on each project. Besides Tag Heuer, the other brands in his collection include Rolex, Patek Phillips, Omega, etc.

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