5.5 cm rule: With this simple trick to the perfect haircut +2023

5.5 cm rule
This simple formula reveals which hairstyle really suits you

5.5 cm rule: This simple formula reveals which hairstyle really suits you

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The decision to cut your hair is not always easy. Does the cut really suit me? According to John Frieda’s experts, you can now find out in advance – with a very simple rule.

Does the bob suit me, doesn’t it suit me? Or maybe it’s not the ideal haircut for me… and actually long hair looks much better? Possible. But usually you only know that when you have already dared to reach for the scissors. And then it’s usually too late. For the experts at John Frieda, only 5.5 cm is enough to get certainty. You have found a formula for the perfect haircut. And you don’t have to perform any mathematical feats for that. The best? Hairstyle missteps will hopefully be a thing of the past.

The 5.5 cm rule: how it works

In fact, the optimal hair length is related to the length of the jawbone. With a look in the mirror, a ruler and a pen, you can easily find the perfect cut for your own face at home.

First you stand in front of your face in front of a mirror. In the next step, a pencil is placed horizontally under the chin so that it forms an extended line. The ruler is held perpendicular to the pencil and then pushed to the level of the ears. Now pay close attention: the number of centimeters from the earlobe to the pen is now read — vertically downwards. And now the 5.5 cm comes into play.

When does which cut suit me?

If the section is less than 5.5 cm, a short haircut looks particularly flattering. Is it more than 5.5 centimeters? Then long hair is perfect. But be careful: before you head to the hairdressing salon, you should listen to your feelings a little. What does your own hair structure and density look like? What do I really like? Because these components ultimately ensure how full the hair looks or how the hairstyle falls.


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