3 ways to wear French manicure 2023

3 ways to wear French manicure 2023 +2023

Classics rethought 3 Ways To Wear French Nails 2023

French Nails 2023: Three looks that are trendy now

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The French manicure is an absolute nail classic and is always enjoying new designs. In 2023, three stylish variants in particular have the edge.

Who doesn’t know them, the white, perfectly formed nail tips of the French Nails. While long and square nails were preferred in the 00s, this year it can be much more subtle. Not short, but micro nails will conquer the beauty market in 2023 – two other designs also sound promising.

French Nails 2023: short, shorter, Micro French

The beauty trends of 2023 are all about naturalness. The days of strong contours are over, but no-makeup looks are on the rise. This trend is also noticeable on the nails. The days of long, pointed or square nails seem to be over, because many fashionistas now wear their nails in micro designs.

Micro does not mean that the nail has to be filed down to the nail bed, the basic shape can vary, but is usually a short length with an oval cut. This style has two advantages:

  1. You don’t have to be a nail artist for micro French nails, because with the help of a French stamper, the colored nail tips can be stamped on super easily and do not have to be laboriously pulled out.
  2. The short manicure strengthens the front nail edge and thus ensures that the nails break off less easily.

Deconstructed French manicure

Especially with trends that have existed on the market for a long time, new, innovative ideas are essential – this also applies to French Nails. Anyone who has difficulty applying the exact lines of the French manicure will be happy about the nail trend Deconstructed French Nails. The new nail art is not about perfection, but rather about your own creativity. For this nail art, the straight line is avoided and instead there are no limits to shapes and color creations.

Chrome Baby: French nails with a difference

At least since Hailey Bieber’s “Glazed Donut Nails”, manicures without chrome powder have become indispensable. The metallic powder conjures up stylish light reflections on the nails and still looks very modern. However, for chrome manicure it is important to use a varnish that hardens under a UV lamp. Thanks to the sweat layer, the chrome powder sticks to the nail and can be fixed with a top coat.

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