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Zoe Saldana makes no bones about it. you and husband Marco Peregos three children – Zen5 and 8 year old twins bowie and Cy – will “grow into really pretty nerds”. That’s what Zoe, 44, says in an interview with InStyle. The “nerd” part of this equation comes from Zoe’s placement in the pop culture pantheon, thanks to her roles in the Star Trek Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. “I see him trying to anchor me in his mind, like, ‘OK, you’re mom, but you’re also Gamora,'” she said of her youngest. “They’re going to watch these films and it’s going to be part of what they like and what excites them. And the fact that that gives me credibility with my kids on the street is fun, it’s great.”

As for the “pretty” part, Zoe shared InStyle that she and Marco made some handsome kids. “I know that all parents think their children are super pretty. Maybe that’s to blame. But I look at my kids and I’m like, ‘My god, you guys are so damn handsome,'” she says.

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Zoe also spoke about how her children will take after her. “I’ve always felt very insecure around people who are just too cool and who have sat up like that and know exactly what to say and know everything. I’ve always felt very unstable around people like that,” she said InStyle. “I enjoy being around people who are naturally curious and honest about their curiosity. And when they don’t know something, I like it when they say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ My kids are like that; You feel so present.”

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Gamora could have a new challenger in the Saldaña household. Avatar: The Way of Water brings Zoes Neytiri back to the big screen, along with Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver. Kate Winslet and Michelle Yeoh Join the cast for this sequel. “Kate Winslet is a queen,” she said of her new co-star. “I can’t tell you that at all. She is just so wonderful. The moment you meet her, she just gets down on you, gets the work done and gets ready and works harder than everyone else and demands 120% of herself.”

“I’ve met so many of my idols, especially women, and I have to say I’ve never really left disappointed,” she says. “If anything, I leave work with someone like Kate Winslet repurposed, re-inspired. I feel a little more uplifted. I’m too hard on myself, just like every artist and every other person in this world. I suffer a lot from imposter syndrome. So if I’ve earned their respect through our collaboration, that’s off my bucket list.”

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