Zinc against acne – this is how the active ingredient helps with pimples

Zinc against acne – this is how the active ingredient helps with pimples +2023

Zinc against acne This is how the active ingredient helps with pimples

Zinc for acne: woman with pimples on her face

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Acne is the number one skin disease. A zinc deficiency is often to blame. How the trace element helps against the nasty pimples? We bring light into the dark.

They are annoying, unsightly and often painful: pimples, pustules and blackheads usually appear in the teenage years and are caused by excessive sebum production and keratinization of the sebaceous glands.Sebum and horny cells increasingly collect in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles and clog them. This can lead to inflammation and pimples.

With good care or medication with ointments or tablets, acne heals on its own after puberty. Only about ten percent of those affected still suffer from pimples and blackheads after the age of 25. Pimples are by no means an expression of a lack of hygiene. Despite daily cleaning, comedones and pustules can sprout. Many of the acne sufferers suffer from one zinc deficiencywhich promotes pimples.

Causes of acne: zinc deficiency

Daily make-up removal is part of your regular beauty routine. In your bathroom, there are washing gels, facial tonics and peelings. And you also go to the beautician to cleanse regularly. But you still can’t get rid of the pimples, pustules and blackheads? Then you should rethink your eating habits. Then many acne patients also have a zinc deficiencywhich can be regulated primarily through the right diet.

Goodbye skin problems! This is why zinc is good for acne

As a trace element, zinc is an important factor in numerous metabolic processes, e.g cell division and protein metabolism. If the body does not get enough zinc from the diet, a Zinc deficiency and the cell metabolism is disturbed. The result is inflammation of the skin such as pimples, pustules or papules, which regenerate slowly due to slower wound healing. A sufficient supply of zinc is therefore not only important for a strengthened immune system, but also for healthy skin:

  • Zinc normalizes sebum production
  • Zinc supports wound healing
  • and strengthens the immune system

So it is hardly surprising that a zinc deficiency can lead to skin problems such as acne.

Fight acne from the inside out with zinc

In the fight against acne it is important prevent zinc deficiency and get enough zinc from food. Zinc is mainly found in the following foods:

  • grain and grain products (Oatmeal)
  • legumes (lensesCorn, soy)
  • milk and milkproducts (quark, cheese)
  • meat, fish, eggs
  • nuts(Brazil nuts, peanuts)

Alternatively, you can also treat a zinc deficiency in tablet form or via dietary supplements counteract zinc supplements are available in pharmacies and drugstores. Ideally, you should consult your doctor about your zinc requirements.

Zinc helps against acne from the outside

contain zinc ointments zinc oxidea mixture of zinc and oxygen known for its disinfecting properties. It dries out the pimples and at the same time reliably fights bacteria. It absorbs escaping wound secretions and thus prevents the spread of bacteria and thus further pimples. At the same time, zinc forms a protective layer and helps the skin regeneration and wound healing.

Apply the zinc ointment to the affected skin areas with a cotton swab, ideally overnight. Important: Never apply to large areas, since zinc ointment can trigger further pimples due to its high fat content. In combination with vitamin A creams (Retinol) hopefully pimples will soon be a thing of the past.

By the way: You can find foods containing zinc here.

Zinc deficiency is not the only cause of impure skin. You can read here what else you can do to combat acne and blemished skin.

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