Yung Gravy is getting into the ‘holiday mood’ with his Foot Locker collab – Hollywood Life.


Yung Gravy is getting into the ‘holiday mood’ with his Foot Locker collab – Hollywood Life. +2023

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“Staying fresh is one of the Gravy Train’s imperatives” yung sauce told HollywoodLife as he discussed his new partnership with Foot Locker. “Fresh” is one of the aspects of the brand’s Christmas 2022 campaign, which focuses on the Foot Locker Holiday House Party. Gravy – who joined fellow musicians bye and Lunayalong with personalities like Ralph Romeo and Tamara Dhia, smashed for that – lent his of course Cold to the chilly campaign to help his followers keep this commandment. “Foot Locker helps with that [freshness]along with another pillar of my philosophy, flexibility,” he adds.

Flexibility and freshness are what Yung Gravy is all about this year. He scored his highest charting single to date – “Betty (Get Money)” from his 2022 album, Wonderful – Adding another Gold certification to its growing list of achievements. He continues to grow his Gravy Train online – 7 million followers on TikTok, 2.1 on Instagram – without losing sight of himself. Because of this dedication to carving out his own path, Foot Locker enlisted Yung Gravy for the campaign…though he’s the first to admit he wasn’t born a sneakerhead.

“Growing up, I didn’t really get shoes for Christmas, I used to ski competitively, so I usually got ski gear instead,” says the Minnesota native (who also has Swiss citizenship thanks to his father). Although Gravy has grown outfitted with black diamonds and crests, he eventually found his way. “I only got into the shoe business after my youth, but back then,” he says HL. “I had a nice collection of Lackeys and Supras, which were very popular at the time.”

(Courtesy of Foot Locker)

For those who see shoes more for their functionality than their form, it’s hard to see them as something to collect. “I didn’t really get into sneakerhead culture at first either,” says Gravy. “It’s one of those obsessions that builds over time and gets stronger with every new addition. It feels great to look through your entire collection and choose a pair of shoes that suit your day. It’s also an investment in yourself, because shoes retain their value if you treat them right.”

(Courtesy of Foot Locker)

So for those looking to get into the sneakerhead scene feet first, this season would be the ideal time. And Foot Locker’s Holiday House Party campaign is here to help. “The Foot Locker Holiday Party puts all the office parties to shame,” Gravy shares his experience. “It was a big, festive house party with more shoes. I haven’t been to a party like this in a minute, so it brought me back to my pre-rapper mentality.”

“My first memory of Foot Locker is at Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota, baby,” he shares in his trademark swagger. “When we were in middle school, we used to ride our bikes there every day to hang out, win free Taco Bells, and do other random activities. My buddy worked at the Foot Locker store so we had a mandatory stop there every time.”

There are worse ways to celebrate the holiday season than with a new pair of Foot Locker shoes and a meal of Mexican pizza. For those who might not believe this is exactly the spirit of these final weeks of 2022, Gravy has your back, like a 6’7″ tall Santa Claus.

“I made two Christmas carols that I can recommend,” says Gravy HL when asked for recommendations for a Christmas playlist for 2022. “‘Flex on Christmas’ and ‘Bought The Plug a gift.’ Beat both and I would recommend ‘Gravy for Pope‘ and ‘magic‘ Also who have a nice holiday mood.

(Courtesy of Foot Locker)

The Gravy Train will have this on repeat when Foot Locker launches it Foot Locker Holiday House Party global campaign on December 16th. The celebration begins in Asia and travels the world for 24 hours, arriving in stores in Seoul, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Thereafter, Foot Locker will celebrate with its customers throughout the season with planned in-store celebrations and giveback moments at its stores worldwide. For more information visit

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