You should avoid these beauty treatments before the wedding +2023

Just before the wedding?
You should avoid the following beauty treatments

Shortly before the wedding?: You should avoid the following beauty treatments

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On the big day we all want to shine. But how? In most cases, a detailed beauty plan helps us. You can read here what should definitely not be written shortly before the wedding.

Healthy hair, strong nails, pore-free skin, radiant complexion. By the time they get married at the latest, many women set themselves high beauty goals – and they usually put themselves under pressure. At this point it should be said: Try not to stress yourself too much. Of course we all want to look good on the big day, but what’s more important is that you feel good.

And so that this is really the case, there are four points that should under no circumstances be on your beauty plan shortly before your wedding.

1. Facials

Facial treatments such as classic cleansing, microneedling or a hydrafacial are probably on the agenda for most brides-to-be. But be sure to leave enough space between your last visit to your beautician and the big day. Because: some of these skin treatments require a certain period of regeneration, because, for example, the top layer of skin is removed and the skin reacts overly sensitively to external influences or make-up. To avoid irritation or redness, allow at least four weeks between treatment and the wedding.

Plan enough regeneration time for your skin after a treatment.

Plan enough regeneration time for your skin after a treatment.

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2. Dye hair

Refreshing your hair color the day before the wedding is not a good idea. Because the direct result after the coloration is usually very hard, it is not for nothing that one also speaks of a “color helmet”. You usually only get the ideal color result after a few washes. So plan enough time here too – and if in doubt, always let a professional do your hair. The same applies to eyebrows, by the way. If you want to dye them before your wedding, it is best to do it five days before. So you can be sure that the result will look natural.

For a natural result, tint the eyebrows five days before the wedding.

For a natural result, tint the eyebrows five days before the wedding.

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3. Self tanner

For many brides, the idea of ​​looking pale or even sallow on the big day is pure horror. Yes, we can understand that, but even worse than a plush pallor are self-tan spots or orange skin à la Donald Trump. It is therefore best to test the self-tanner two to three months before the big day and practice applying it spot-free several times. If it has to be an artificial tan, test this beforehand or have a professional spray tan applied with a tanning shower – but please try that out first.

4. New (skincare) products

Speaking of trying things out: Avoid incorporating new beauty products into your routine a few days before your wedding – especially those enriched with fruit acid, vitamin C or retinol. Depending on the skin type, these ingredients can lead to skin irritation, scaly patches or acne. Two weeks before the wedding, play it safe and stick to your existing skincare routine.


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