With these Asics running shoes, fulfilling the New Year’s resolution costs less (specifically 35 euros) +2023

Among the most recurring resolutions without a doubt every year is to do more sport and one of the cheapest is to go for a run. You can do it outdoors, without time restrictions and with minimal equipment: a set of leggings, a top, windbreaker and slippers.

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Precisely the latter are perhaps the most important part of the look to go out running, because they cushion the footprint and prevent our joints from suffering. For this reason, you have to choose well, which does not necessarily imply spending a fortune and we have the example today at Amazon.

Because on the web we have listed some Asics – a brand well known for its gel sole and its ideal designs for beginners – which are perfect for beginning and intermediate races (up to 20 kilometers according to the brand itself). A quality bet that comes in handy whether we are starting out or if we have more experience.


It’s all about the model Parrot 13 that we signed today in various colors to choose from with a 30-euro discount, specifically for 65 35 euros, although as always happens on Amazon, the price may vary depending on the size and color that we choose.

Asics Patriot 13, Men's Shoe, Dive Blue/Orchid, 37.5 EU

Asics Patriot 13, Men’s Shoe, Dive Blue/Orchid, 37.5 EU

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