Will Violent Night stream on Netflix after the theaters? (where to see) +2023

stranger things Star David Harbor takes the lead violent nighta new Christmas horror action movie in which Harbor plays good old Saint Nick.

Directed by Hanselby Tommy Wirkola violent night follows a team of mercenaries who break into the home of a wealthy family on Christmas Eve and take everyone hostage. But the last thing they expect is a pissed-off Santa (Harbour) visiting.

David Harbor is joined in the cast by John Leguizamo, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder and Beverly D’Angelo. violent night seems like the perfect choice for anyone looking for something a little different from the usual heartwarming Hallmark fluff this holiday!

Is Violent Night coming to Netflix?

violent night will not be available on Netflix any time soon. But David Harbor fans can always come back stranger things to see him as Jim Hopper! Unfortunately, there aren’t many Christmas horror movie deals on Netflix right now, but there are plenty of great scary movies if you don’t mind that they’re not festive.

Where to stream Violent Night with David Harbour?

Since Universal Pictures is distributing Violent Nightwe can safely assume that the film will eventually go to Peacock after its theatrical release.

When is Violent Night coming to Peacock?

It’s hard to say when Universal movies will move from theaters to streaming. The latest comedy by Billy Eichner brothers took about two months to move from theaters to Peacock while Jordan Peele’s nope took much longer.

Eventually, violent night‘s theatrical performance will determine how long it stays in theaters. The film could arrive as early as late January, but if it does well, it’s possible we won’t see it streaming until February or March.

plan to see violent night In theaters this weekend, or wait until it hits streaming?

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