Will there be a sequel to Violent Night?


Will there be a sequel to Violent Night? +2023

VIOLENT NIGHT, from left: Alexis Louder, David Harbour, 2022. Ph: Allen Fraser / Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Action thriller Violent Night definitely puts a different twist on Christmas mythology, with an action hero, Santa, taking on a brutal version of Mr. Scrooge and his invading thugs. If this movie is your idea of ​​a fun time, then you might be in luck: a sequel might be in the works.

“We hope to begin work on ‘Violent Night 2’ if all goes well over the next few weeks,” said producer Kelly McCormick colliders. “We tend to keep our heads down and focused on what’s ahead or nearby. So yeah, it’s kind of like that. We’re in. We still have two and a half months of work ahead of us [upcoming film “The Fall Guy”]Although the production team has several other projects in the pipeline, including a sequel to the 2021 thriller Nobody, a sequel to Violent Night is definitely on their minds.

Violent Night mid-credit scene explained

It is clear from the film itself that a possible sequel was considered from the start. The film contains a mid-credits scene that both continues a joke from the film and seems to offer an opportunity for a sequel. The obnoxious influencer Bertrude reveals the aftermath of Santa’s violent exploits to his social media followers and begs them to believe Santa is real. In the film’s universe, Santa’s powers are based on how many people believe in him; The more believers there are in the world, the stronger he becomes. This seemingly silly scene could also be a sequel with a more powerful Santa – and as we’ve seen with all superhero movies of the last few decades, more power and a higher profile tend to mean more dangerous enemies.

It’s all up in the air right now, and there’s a good chance none of that will materialize. However, given the generally positive reception to Violent Night and the enthusiasm of the production team, it looks fairly likely that we’ll be seeing Santa again in the relatively near future.

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