Will Smith Slap of the Game Awards – The Bill Clinton Kid’s messy performance at an event has taken the internet crazy +2023

Earlier this year, Will Smith made news headlines when he walked the stage during the Oscars. He slammed host Chris Rock after making an unsavory comment about Jada Pinkett Smith. The actor lost his calm towards the comedian over a joke made about his wife’s health as Jada suffers from alopecia. This controversial act immediately went viral on social media and people started talking about it.

Smith faced backlash from fans and his earlier image was overshadowed by the detrimental behavior he displayed on stage. This fiasco became an infamous historical moment that people remembered for months. However, a new incident has drawn people’s attention to something big like Oscar Slapgate. The internet has gone mad over the Bill Clinton Kid’s messy performance at an event.

A kid stormed the Game Awards stage just like Will Smith did at the Oscars

A sinister incident happened during the finale of Geoff Keighley’s annual The Game Awards. A boy stormed the stage on Thursday evening afterwards elden ring was named game of the year.

“I would like to thank everyone and say that I would like to nominate this award to my Reformed Orthodox Rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you all,” said the intruder. The audience was stunned by who he was and why he was doing it.

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According to that Video Games FN, the boy was arrested for interrupting the event. Meanwhile, fans have made their connection and conflated this incident with Will Smith’s infamous incident.

People compare the two biggest rush moments of the year

Netizens are going crazy after the Games Awards crash, calling it even bigger than the Will Smith incident. A user Posted “Oscars had theirs Will blacksmith Hit. Now the Game Awards have won Rabbi-Converted Bill Clinton.” While others user specified: “Just when you think the will will top it this year.”

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Do you find any similarities between these two incidents? Let us know what you think in the comments section and stay tuned for future updates.

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