Will Marah come out in Season 2 Part 1 of Firefly Lane? +2023

Now that Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is streaming on Netflix, people can’t help but talk about everything that happens in the first part of the final season. More specifically, we hear a lot of discussion about Marah (Yael Yurman) and her sexuality.

Marah is the rebellious teenage daughter of Kate and Johnny. As Marah grows up, she distances herself from her mother. She doesn’t really have anything in common with Kate and often disagrees with her choices.

Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s in the middle of her parents’ divorce. She even blames Kate for the divorce. Though her relationship with Kate may be rocky, she loves Tully dearly. It even seems that sometimes she would rather have Tully as her mother than Kate. But there are moments when Mara and Kate get along well. We see more of those moments in Firefly Lane Season 2 part 1.

spoilers off Firefly Lane Season 2 part 1 ahead!

In the third episode of Season 2, there is a scene in the 2003 timeline where Kate and Johnny are secretly reading Marah’s emails. Reading the emails, they realize that Marah may be gay or bisexual because she texts someone that she is in love with her friend Ashley. Kate and Johnny decide to ask their brother for advice on how to approach Marah. Sean advises them to let Marah know she has a safe place and have her come to them when she’s ready. Although both Kate and Johnny agree with Sean’s advice, viewers can already tell that one of them is going to screw up. So is Marah coming to her parents? Find out below.

Will Marah come out in Season 2 Part 1 of Firefly Lane?

Yes, but not voluntarily. Marah is forced to come out because of Kate. After getting advice from Sean, Kate picks up Marah from school/field hockey practice. On the drive home, Kate sings along to a song on the radio. The song is “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. She literally does the opposite of what Sean told her to do by not being subtle at all.

She explains to Marah who the Indigo Girls are by saying that one of them is gay and the other is straight. Marah corrects them by saying that neither of them are straight. Kate agrees with Marah and then goes on to say how nice it is to see two lesbians living their lives making music together. At that moment, Marah knows something is wrong with her mother. She asks Kate why she’s being weird, but Kate tries to play it off like everything’s fine. Marah then realizes that Kate knows she is questioning her sexuality.

She asks Kate if Tully told her she was queer, and Kate is shocked that Marah told Tully before she did. Kate even tries to bond with Marah by sharing her slight crush on Angelina Jolie’s character in the film Gia, but Mara just freaked out. While the conversation doesn’t necessarily end on a light note, it’s important that Kate can let Marah know that she’s there for her if she needs to talk about something.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a sweet moment between Marah and Kate as far as Marah coming out. Their dynamic just doesn’t work that way. Although we never see Marah discuss her sexuality with her father, it’s clear that she eventually tells him.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is available to stream Netflix.

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