Why you should incorporate a shampoo brush into your hair routine +2023

If you haven’t heard of this yet new brush what promises revolutionize your hair and help it look healthy and shiny, we will tell you below how it works and what benefits it has on your hair. What do we mean? To a brush that is a revolution in the United States and that little by little is gaining ground in Europe. Has a circular shaped base with thick triangular spikes of silicone.


The main function of this shampoo brush is to exfoliate and to help remove dead cells of the scalp. Another of its functions is the massager of this to improve blood circulation in this area and its oxygenation. One of the reasons why we like this product the most is when it comes to extending the hair mask once a week because with it we make sure that the product integrates and distributes itself in the best possible way on the hair and on the scalp.

How to use it?

if you have the sensitive scalpYou have to be especially careful with this brush. You have to use it little by little to see how it reacts. It is important that you use only the ones that have silicone step, since with those you will not have any problem. You can also use the brush on the dry hair without tangling your hair.

You Are The Princess Shampoo Emulsifying Massager Brush

For sale in Primor (4.99 euros)

Exfoliating brush with easy-grip handle. Thanks to its soft and thick spikes, it stimulates the blood flow of the scalp, contributing to hair growth. Get a deep clean, removing dead skin cells.

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