Why you should definitely take a makeup break

Why you should definitely take a makeup break +2023

Detox for the face Why you should definitely take a makeup break

It's good for your skin if you take a make-up break.

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We all need a break, including our face. We’ll tell you the advantages of leaving your face free of foundation, make-up, powder and the like here.

They always attract a lot of attention: photos of stars and influencers in which they present themselves without any make-up at all. Sometimes intentionally as a successful no-makeup selfie, sometimes unintentionally as a paparazzi shot on the street. While some have a natural glow despite the lack of make-up, others look less advantageous or at least completely different than you know them. Then you have to look twice.

What they all have in common: they are doing their skin a great favor by not wearing make-up. Why is that?

pores breathe

While it’s tempting to cover up blemishes and shadows every morning to look fresher, skin suffers from this layer over time. Microparticles of cosmetic products such as foundation, concealer and powder get into the pores of the skin and can enlarge them over time. As a result, the complexion appears even more uneven than before without make-up. If you leave the skin free of these products for a day or two, the pores have the opportunity to contract again. The complexion looks much more even afterwards.

Blemishes can improve

Pimples and blackheads also have an easier time under a layer of make-up. Dirty brushes and sponges and insufficient make-up removal feed the skin impurities so that they can spread further. A makeup break can break this cycle and allow the skin to recover. The break should now be used to target pimples and blackheads. For example with an appropriate face mask or an antibacterial facial tonic.

The skin can be moistened again

Such a make-up-free day means a real sigh of relief for your skin. And this is also the best time to do something good for her. Instead of foundation, it can now be a sheet mask that moisturizes your skin. And instead of powder, there is a good portion of moisturizing fluid. After that, it can simply be as it is without immediately disappearing under another layer. The active ingredients in the care products can continue to have an effect for a long time.

You will see: After such a detox day, your skin will look plumper and more radiant than ever before.

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