Why is Turkey a Popular Destination for Medical Tourists Seeking Rhinoplasty?

+ 2023

Why is Turkey a Popular Destination for Medical Tourists Seeking Rhinoplasty? + 2023

Turkish Rhinoplasty it is becoming more affordable or cheaper for many people. And Turkey is a popular destination for rhinoplasty in the world. In the past, only the famous and the rich were the ones who could “pass”nose jobsHowever, thanks to the rise of medical tourism in countries like Turkey, many people looking for new looks for their dream noses at an affordable price can now afford Rhinoplasty. Of course, improving the appearance of the nose is just one of its benefits. Rhinoplasty in Turkey; In fact, snoring, sleep apnea, etc. in the nose during this surgery. Structural problems that may cause it can also be fixed.

But the question is: How do you know if a rhinoplasty in Turkey is best for you? Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures performed worldwide. Although rhinoplasty is often seen as cosmetic surgery, it can treat a wide variety of nasal ailments such as allergies, breathing problems, and disorders related to snoring and sleep apnea.

Techniques Used in Rhinoplasty Surgery

Both open and closed techniques can be used for this operation. open rhinoplasty The procedures involve making a small skin incision in the center of each nostril. It is frequently used in patients with advanced malformations.

Why is Turkey a Popular Destination for Medical Tourists Seeking Rhinoplasty?

During closed surgery, the incision is made through the nostrils. The primary benefit of closed surgery is superior protection Since the incision is made outside the nose, the sensitive tissues inside the nose

Key: Preparation

  • Initially, the doctor and patient discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of surgery, the patient’s expectations, and whether surgery is the right choice for them.
  • Before performing the rhinoplasty procedure, the doctor must properly complete all required tests and also review the patient’s medical history.
  • Surgery usually takes 3 hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia (although in some cases local anesthesia may be appropriate).
  • There may be a need to stay in the hospital overnight.

How Painful?

During the procedure, local or general anesthesia can be preferred and painkillers are given if necessary.

After an expected recovery period of approximately one week, the patient can usually return to work.

During and after this period, slight bruising and swelling are considered normal and will go away on their own. It is possible to apply make-up afterwards. 4-5 days.

What Benefits Can Rhinoplasty Surgery Provide?

Successful surgery can increase confidence in people who have long worried about the “look” of their nose. The patient’s quality of life is increased by reducing symptoms such as snoring by considering other conditions in the nose during the surgery.

What will be the disadvantages?

  • Every surgery has its own dangers or some risks, and in addition to significant swelling and bruising in the first week, there are a few rare anesthetic side effects to watch out for.
  • If your nose does not heal enough, the need for revision rhinoplasty may arise.
  • Keep in mind that almost any rhinoplasty doctor may have had a revision surgery.
  • Whether minimal or significant, the size and severity of the problem will determine whether revision rhinoplasty is necessary.
  • In addition, remember that rhinoplasty is a somewhat expensive treatment!

How are the Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey?

  • In most European countries, rhinoplasty is an expensive treatment that can cost thousands of pounds. On the other hand, Turkish clinics can provide some of the cheapest costs without sacrificing quality.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is significantly lower than the rest of Europe.
  • As an international patient, you can choose the best package among many rhinoplasty packages, considering the degree of anatomical abnormality underlying your nose.
  • Note that every package in Turkey includes hotel accommodation as well as transportation between the airport, hotel and clinic.
  • In addition, you are offered a free and non-mandatory (optional) consultation.
  • Before and after surgery, medical personnel, including surgeons, are generally available around the clock (24/7). Follow-up with patients is also included in every package.

What Results Can I Predict?

  • It may take about a year to see the final effects of the surgery.
  • You will notice that even minor changes and minor adjustments to the structure of the nose can have a significant impact on how it looks.
  • Most patients are satisfied with the result, but if they are not satisfied, a second surgery may be required.
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