Whoopi Goldberg taps Sara Haines to help her read notes on ‘The View’: ‘I only had a moment’ +2023

Whoopi Goldberg had a somewhat foggy start to the week this morning The view as she struggled to read a cue card live on air, but the veteran co-host assured the audience her slip-up was nothing more than a bit of jet lag. And hey, it’s Monday – we get it.

Goldberg’s slip came early in the show, when she introduced the first of the day’s hot topics. As she began, “I want to point out that you-know-who,” she paused and turned to her co-host Sara Haines, asking, “Uh — what does that say? My brain is just gone.”

Haines took Goldberg’s note card and read it out loud, “Why aren’t you 5,000 times more upset with you-know-who?” — in case you haven’t guessed it, “you-know-who” is Donald Trump — and Goldberg was right back on track, telling the panel, “Because you-know-who acted for nobody and gave 5,000 people! He gave 5,000 Taliban boys and didn’t trade them for anyone. So how come no one bitches about it?”

After the call officially began, the panel debated Republican response to Brittney Griner’s release and when, during a lively exchange The view returning from a commercial break, Goldberg explained her mistake earlier in the show.

“I have to explain something. I think I’m tired,” she said. “Because I was looking at what I was supposed to be reading, because you write stuff and then you can’t read it, and then you have to go to someone and pray that they can read what’s happening.”

“So I don’t want people to think there’s anything wrong with me. I only had a moment because I’m tired,” she continued, before explaining that she was abroad for her new film. Until, only days before.

“I was in London over the weekend to do some advertising untiland came back yesterday,” Goldberg said.

Haines joked, “She doesn’t know what time zone she’s in right now,” but regardless of where she’s located, Goldberg assured the audience, “I’m pretty sure I’m still me.”

The view airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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