Who plays Danny Diaz in Firefly Lane? Meet Ignacio Serricchio +2023

Warning: Firefly Lane Season 2 spoilers ahead.

A new season of Firefly Lane on Netflix means a new love interest for Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl). And while it takes him a while to warm up, by the end of Season 2 Part 1, Danny Diaz will grow on you.

We truly loved and miss Tully’s Season 1 flames, Max Brody (Jon-Michael Ecker) and Chad Willey (Patrick Sabongui). But season 2 spices things up a bit with a complex ’80s office romance that follows Tully into the 2000s.

We first meet Danny, played by Ignacio Serricchio, in the Season 2 premiere via flashback. He and Tully start out as rival reporters, but their relationship develops over the course of Season 2, Part 1 of the nine episodes, and ends on an unexpected note.

So who is Danny Diaz? Firefly Lane? And what do we know about Ignacio Serricchio, the actor who plays him? Here’s everything you need to know about Serricchio and his Firefly Lane Character.

Who is Danny Diaz? Firefly Lane?

As mentioned, we first meet Danny in Season 2 Episode 1 in a flashback. While Tully and the news crew do some good old-fashioned on-the-spot reporting, she bumps into Danny, a sexy sportscaster-turned-newscaster who makes it clear he has a romantic interest in her.

Tully is on the alert as always, but in Episode 2 she meets him at Benedict Binswanger’s event and they sleep together. After a great relationship, Danny tells Tully that work is crazy and he can’t be the man she deserves. After he leaves her apartment, a stunned Tully says, “That’s my friggin’ line!” But later in the episode it all makes sense to her.

Ignacio Serricchio in Firefly Lane
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Danny starts a new job at Tully’s place of work, and it’s not long before he swoops in and takes over her Binswanger beat entirely. After a trying love affair and a work-friends-to-work-enemies cycle, Tully and Danny compete for a weekend job as an editor, but Danny pulls out of the race at the last second. He tells Tully she deserves the gig, but he also got another important job offer and decided to quit and move to New York.

The two lose touch for years, but in Season 2, Episode 7, an early 2000’s Tully runs into Danny at her apartment building and they realize they live right across the street. FATE! He left ESPN and has aged like a fine wine, but sadly has A GIRLFRIEND. (Though it’s worth noting that he’s still VERY into Tully.) When Tully and Kate’s friendship takes a turn and their lives fall apart, Danny is there to offer support in the final episodes of Part 1. He gets along with Cloud, introduces Tully to his girlfriend, and even spends Thanksgiving with her at her childhood home. By the end of the nine episodes, Tully is dating herself and Danny is helping her find a new job in Antarctica. While we don’t envision a relationship in the near future, we definitely wouldn’t be mad if Tully and Danny rekindled their old flame before Season 2 wraps up.

Who continues to play Danny Diaz Firefly Lane? Meet Ignacio Serricchio

As previously mentioned, Ignacio Serricchio, a 40-year-old Argentinian-born actor, plays Danny Diaz Firefly Lane. Per his IMDb bio, Serricchio practices kung fu, attended Syracuse University and Loyola Marymount University, speaks four languages ​​and is a certified rescue diver. He began his acting career in 2005 with an appearance on an episode of a houseand he has appeared in popular television shows and films over the years, including Wilfdire, General Hospital, Bones, Good Girls, Lost in Space, Family Guy, and more. Serricchio is also known for time up The young and the restlessin which he played Alex Chavez for 71 episodes.

There’s a good chance we’ll see more in Season 2 Part 2 of Danny Diaz Firefly Lanewhich will be broadcast in June 2023. But for now, you can keep an eye out for him in the first nine episodes.

The first nine episodes of Firefly Lane Season 2 is available to stream on Netflix. The final seven episodes will premiere in 2023.

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