Who is Tully Hart’s father? +2023

One of Firefly LaneTully’s biggest mystery is the identity of Tully’s birth father. Tully has always asked Cloud to tell her about her father and Cloud has remained shy. But in Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1, we’re finally getting answers.

After leaving The girlfriend hour, Tully must find a new career path. She decides to do a documentary special after her trip to see her father. Cloud is initially reluctant to help, but she eventually comes around.

Big spoilers ahead for Firefly Lane Season 2 part 1

The beginning of Season 2 Part 1 implies that gubernatorial candidate Benedict Binswanger (played by newcomer Greg Germann) is Tully’s father, but the truth is far sadder.

Who is Tully’s father?

Tully’s biological father is actually Benedict Binswanger’s brother, PJ Binswanger. PJ owns a restaurant called PJ Pelican’s, a place she has visited several times over the decades to find her father. But when she revisits as part of the documentary in the 2000s, Tully learns from PJ’s wife that PJ had died six weeks earlier.

However, we find out that Tully met PJ once in the 1980s when he was visiting the restaurant to find Benedict. Neither she nor PJ knew they were related, but they shared a sweet moment when PJ gave Tully an aloe plant to help her after she burned herself from a coffee stain.

Cloud always believed that PJ had sent her a letter abandoning her, but PJ’s wife reveals that Benedict interfered in Cloud and PJ’s relationship. In reality, Benedict sent a letter to Cloud pretending to be PJ and then he sent a letter to PJ pretending to be Cloud and claiming that she had had an abortion.

It wasn’t until years later that PJ and his wife found out Tully was his daughter after reading an article in the newspaper and doing a quick math. Unfortunately, PJ died before he had the courage to come forward.

Who plays PJ in Firefly Lane Season 2?

Canadian actor Mark Humphrey plays Tully’s biological father Firefly Lane Season 2. You may know him from the Canadian TV series CLOSELY or the 2006 movie The wives he forgot, in which he starred opposite Molly Ringwald. Humphrey also starred in the Hallmark Channel series When the heart calls, where he played Frank Hogan. Most recently, the actor appeared in the TV Christmas film When I think of Christmas.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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