Who is the Wednesday star married to? +2023

It’s safe to say Wednesday is the new hit in town on Netflix. The new coming-of-age horror comedy official Beat the record of stranger things for debut week one viewership. While Jenna Ortega led the hit series as the title character, viewers also encountered newcomers like Hunter Doohan.

In the series, Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin, a barista at the Weathervane and Sheriff Galpin’s son. Tyler also finds a romantic fondness for Wednesday, who is largely indifferent to his advances, as she is to everything else in life.

Wednesday, With a record-breaking 341.23 million hours of views in its first week, it offered a rather unexpected turn of events for Tyler, but thanks to Doohan’s performance, he’s instantly likeable.

Did you know that the 28-year-old actor is actually married in real life? Doohan tied the knot with his husband in 2022, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about the actor, his husband, and their wedding below!

Who is Wednesday star Hunter Doohan’s husband?

in a (n Instagram post of June 17, 2022Hunter Doohan shared a black and white photo from his wedding to husband Fielder Jewett, along with a series of happy snaps from the ceremony and reception.

Back on New Year’s Eve 2020, Doohan shared photos from his time Jewett suggested. The actor captioned the sweet photo: “Is 2020 going to be more than a stay at home proposal? I love you @fielderjewett! I can’t wait to marry you!”

According to Jewett’s own Instagram profile, which is private since he’s not a socialite, he appears to be studying law at Loyola University, with a graduation date in 2024. The couple have been together since at least 2018, when Doohan shared a selfie of the handsome couple together in June, four years before their wedding.

We can’t get enough of the cute couple and wish them the very best in their magical first year of marriage! Speaking of magical, we can’t wait to see what’s potential (but hopeful) next for Doohan’s character, Tyler. Wednesday Season 2.

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