Who is the Famous Actress Seda Minister? +2023

Attracting attention with its beauty Seda Minister on the agenda with his life. Married to Ali Erel in 2014 Who is Seda Minister?? Seda Minister, who has a huge fan base thanks to her successful acting, how old is she and where is she from? Is he married, how many children does he have, and in which productions has he acted? Everything you wonder about the beautiful actress Seda Minister, who has been mentioned frequently in recent days, is in this article.

Who is Seda Minister?

The beautiful actress, whose full name is Seda Minister Erel, was born on October 10, 1985 in Kocaeli. The Turkish actor has appeared in many TV series and movies. He started his acting career with the TV series ‘Sana Mecburum’. His real fame is ‘Behzat Ç. He caught it with the character of Eda, which he portrayed in the TV series ‘An Ankara Policeman’. The character of Feyza, played by Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir in the TV series Kardeş Pay, brought him popularity. He took part not only in TV series and movies, but also in advertising projects.

He received his undergraduate education at the TÜRVAK Cinema TV Training Center, which was established by Türker İnanoğlu to train actors. She also acted with celebrities such as Seda Minister, Nejat İşler, Ege Aydan, who took part in many projects. In 2015, she acted as a jury member with Eser Yenenler and Ali Taran in the TV8 program Talent You. The beautiful actress, who is fun, crazy and funny, is a Libra. The life of the actor, who married Ali Erel on October 4, 2014, is curious.

Who is Seda Minister

Who is Seda Minister? Where is she from?

Questions such as how old is Seda Minister, who started her career in 2007, who is Seda Minister, where is she from, does she have a child, and who is her husband are among the other topics that are curious. Seda Minister, who is Bosnian from her father’s side, was born in Kocaeli. His mother is an immigrant from Thessaloniki.

Seda Minister Date of Birth and Age

October 10, 1985 Seda Minister, who was born in Kocaeli Gebze, is 38 years old. The beautiful actress, whose height is 171 cm, weighs 58 kilograms. Seda Minister, who also draws attention with her physique, uses social media actively and her posts are liked by her fan base.

How Many Children Does Seda Minister Have?

Seda Minister, who is curious about her private life as well as her acting, does not fall from the agenda of the magazine. One of these questions is how many children do they have. Seda Minister from her marriage to musician Ali Erel has 2 daughters. They took their daughter Leyla in their arms in August 2019 and Ela in 2022.

Who is Seda Minister’s Spouse?

musician on October 4, 2014 Ali Erel Seda Minister, who entered the world house, expresses that they live a happy togetherness. She says that the person who makes her laugh the most in life is her husband. The famous couple has two daughters, Leyla and Ela.

Who is Seda Minister Family? Who Are His Parents?

Successful actress Seda Minister family is also among the most researched subjects. So who are his parents? Do you have siblings?

Mother’s side is Thessaloniki, father Kasım Minister He is from Sarajevo. The successful actor also has an older brother. Upon the insistence of his family, he graduated from Sakarya University, Department of Foreign Trade. However, he knew that this profession was not suitable for him. After finishing the department, he started acting, which was his dream. He states that his family also supports him in this regard. Successful in acting Seda MinisterHe is very happy with his job.

Tell me about love, Adanalı, Miracle Doctor, Olive Tree, Extended Family, Talented You are Turkey, Black Trouble and Time Machine are some of the productions in which he took roles.

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