Who is Ozlem Yildiz? Life And Biography +2023

Another name we will introduce to you this week is Ozlem Yildiz is happening. Özlem Yıldız, who entered our lives in 1996, could not enter the beauty contest of ATV, but after the beauty contest, she received an offer for a music channel that was also on ATV. After accepting the offer, she managed to introduce herself by making a quick introduction to our lives. She started presenting the morning show Sabah Şekeri with Kuşum Aydın in the 1990s. Afterwards, she joined our days by presenting a program called Sunday Surprise for a long time.

Who is Ozlem Yildiz?

In this section you Who is Ozlem Yildiz? we’ll talk a little bit about it. Özlem Yıldız, who was born from Ertuğrul Yıldız, a sales manager in a textile company, and Sevgi Yıldız, who retired from ECA, are two siblings. Özlem Yıldız also has a sister named Sinem Yıldız. She got married to Sinan Serter in 2005. After his marriage, he said goodbye to television screens for 3-4 years. The couple’s son Demir was born in 2006. After their beautiful marriage, the couple Özlem Yıldız and Sinan Serter said that they could not get along and parted ways in 2013. Nowadays, he is included in the As You Talk Program on Kanal D screens.

Ozlem Yildiz's Life

What is Özlem Yıldız’s Date of Birth and Place of Birth?

Ozlem Yildiz December 13, 1980 in the year AntalyaHe was born in. She is the daughter of Ertuğrul Yıldız, a sales manager in a textile company, and Sevgi Yıldız, who is retired from ECA. Özlem Yıldız, a Sagittarius zodiac sign, stated that she carries the characteristics of her sign. In addition to these, she stated that she believed in the evil eye too much and that she had her grandmother pour lead all the time. She stated that she always wears a necklace around her neck, believing that she is protecting her.

How Many Kilometers And Height Is Özlem Yildiz?

Özlem Yıldız has recently come to the fore with her intense sports. As such, it has been a matter of curiosity how many kilograms Özlem Yıldız weighed and how many cm her height was. We have done a little research to satisfy your curiosity. If you wish, let’s examine together how many kilos and how many cm is Özlem Yıldız. Miss Ozlem Yildiz 57 kilograms in weight and 1.74cm is tall. He has a rather fit body compared to the length of his neck. In addition to his weight, he has a healthy body with constant sports.

Ozlem Yildiz’s Life

Özlem Yıldız, who could not make a degree in the beauty contest she attended in 1996, received an offer to host a TV program after the contest. She acted as a VJ on the way to 1995. She lived her life as a VJ for about a year and a half. Then she switched to Genç TV and acted as a hostess in the Wheel of Fortune competition presented by Mehmet Ali Erbil. Later she got engaged to Mehmet Ali Erbil. The engagement process did not last long. She starred in the movie Hemşo with Mehmet Ali Erbil and Okan Bayülgen in the 2000s. In 2011, she was the presenter of the program “We Are Stuck in Our Mind” every weekday on TV8. Then she presented the All Inclusive program.

Education Life of Özlem Yıldız

Ozlem Yildiz Suadiye Haci Mustafa Tarman Anatolian High SchoolHe graduated from. He did not participate in University life by not choosing to continue studying.

What is Özlem Yıldız’s Profession?

From the moment Özlem Yıldız entered our lives, we usually server is doing. However, in addition to all these, it is known that he did acting and modeling for a certain period.

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