Who is Mar Lucas? 25 things you didn’t know about the Spanish influencer with 13 million followers +2023

Mar Lucas is one of those young people who sweeps social networks. Three years after deciding to drop out of college to focus on Instagram and TikTok, You can boast of having made the right decision because you have succeeded. We tell you 25 things about her so that you can get to know her in depth. It will conquer you!

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Who is Mar Lucas?

Mar Lucas is one of the most successful influencers in our country. Through Instagram and especially TikTok, he has carved a niche for himself in this profession to which he is dedicated for three years now and in which he continues to succeed.

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What is Mar Lucas’s Instagram account?

To follow Mar Lucas on Instagram, you have to look for it by @marlucas. You will not get bored because it uploads a lot of content and it is pure inspiration.

What is Mar Lucas’s TikTok account?

If you want to know the funniest and most creative side of Mar Lucas, go to his TikTok account. Search for it by @marlucas18 and watch all the videos he has because you’re going to love them.

How many followers does Mar Lucas have?

The number of followers of Mar Lucas is impressive. On Instagram it has 2 million, and on TikTok it has no more and no less than 13 million. Adding them up, they make a total of 15 million, something that few influencers in our country reach.

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How tall is Mar Lucas?

mar lucas measured 1.65m.

How old is Mar Lucas?

Mar Lucas has currently 20 years old.

When is Mar Lucas’s birthday?

Mar Lucas’s birthday is on September 9, he was born in the year 2002.

What zodiac sign is Mar Lucas?

sea ​​luke is a virgin

sea ​​luke

Where is Mar Lucas from?

Mar Lucas is Catalan. The influencer was born in Sitges.

Where does Mar Lucas live?

Mar Lucas has not left his land, He lives in the province of Barcelona although he travels a lot for work, especially to Madrid.

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Does Mar Lucas have a boyfriend?

Mar Lucas is very discreet with her private life. Her best-known boyfriend was the tiktoker Naim Darrechi, but the relationship came to an end a little over a year ago. A few weeks ago rumors of a relationship sounded with the footballer Viniciusbut no one has ruled on it.

Does Mar Lucas have siblings?

Mar Lucas has a brother named Genís.

Besides being an influencer, what does Mar Lucas do?

Mar Lucas too works as a model.

What studies does Mar Lucas have?

sea ​​luke began to study architecture, but so much work came to him through social networks that he decided to park it.

How does Mar Lucas’s family handle being an influencer?

Mar Lucas’s parents are her great support. Although she at first had a hard time understanding that she left the studies, They have always been by your side.

Does Mar Lucas have influencer friends?

The influencer can boast of having friends in the sector, with whom she even shares some of her most famous videos.

How much money does Mar Lucas have?

Mar Lucas responded a few months ago in an interview with Ibelky about the maximum amount of money he has earned in a month. The influencer said that this is something very relative because depending on the month, she earns a lot of money or much less. He gave an approximate figure of 20,000 euros, but he said that this is a one-time thing.

What is the great passion of Mar Lucas?

Animals love it and Mar Lucas is very committed to them and to making responsibility for animals visible.

What is the diet that Mar Lucas follows?

sea ​​luke It is vegetarian.

What is the style of Mar Lucas?

You only have to take a walk through the Instagram profile of Mar Lucas to verify that she has a style in which they are very present the trends of each season. Mar Lucas combines the basics with the most daring proposals to create impeccable casual style looks. Something that she also does when she goes to an event, where he brings out his most elegant side.

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What topics are Mar Lucas’s TikTok videos about?

Mar Lucas’ TikTok videos are super varied. From challenges, to fashion and beauty tips, going through dances or great moments from his trips, with friends and from his day to day, It has everything and they all transmit a lot of good vibes.

What has been the most commented TikTok video of Mar Lucas?

One of the most commented TikTok videos of Mar Lucas was the one known as ‘the tied dog’. A video that has been repeated many times and has gone viral on each occasion.

What is Mar Lucas’s favorite sport?

Your favorite sport It’s figure skating who practiced it for eight years.

What soccer team is Mar Lucas from?

In an interview he gave to Diario AS a few months ago, Mar Lucas said that before He was from Barça but now he has gone to Paris Saint Germain by Leo Messi.

What is the book of Mar Lucas?

Mar Lucas has a book called Let nothing stop you a work in which he advocates the motto that, to succeed, all you have to do is be yourself.

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