Who is KÖFN Group?  – Bonitam

Who is KÖFN Group? – Bonitam +2023

Coming from 2018 to the present and making a great debut with its songs in recent years. KÖFN Group He is known for the harmony of his songs. They have been making many songs since 2018, but in 2022 they managed to announce their names to a much wider audience with the song “Bi Tek Ben Analım”. The song showed a rapid increase in awareness by being used in the “Tozluyaka” directory. Then it was also used in the 2023 movie “You’re Seeing in a Dream” starring Burcu Özberk and Murat Boz. Moreover, they managed to win the Golden Butterfly Award in the Best Breakthrough Singer and Best Song categories last year. If you wish, let’s examine together what the word KÖFN, which is one of the most curious subjects, means.

What Does the Word Kofn Mean?

KÖFN, which is the group of the song “Bi Tek Ben Anlar”, which was awarded the best collapse song of the last year and which is popular all over Turkey, is used in the meaning of the word ‘basket’. It takes its name from the word Köfün. They stated that they see the group as a basket that they throw all their work into. If you wish, let’s examine together who is in the Köfn group, which is another curious subject.

What Does the Word Kofn Mean?

Who is in the KÖFN Group?

The KÖFN group consists of two people, with the song “Bi Tek Ben Understands”, which is not erased from our ears and has become a song that we hum continuously throughout the day. The band’s guitar, vocal and songwriter Salman Tin and live performer, producer and arranger Bilge Kağan Etil. These two, who are in perfect harmony, have been awarded by the Golden Butterfly by signing a very successful business together. If you wish, let’s examine who is Salman Tin together.

Who is Salman Tin?

Salman Tin, a guitarist, vocalist, composer and lyricist, is a member of the group KÖFN. He opened his eyes to the world in 1992. He is originally from Adana and was born and raised there. He graduated from Sakarya University, Department of Environmental Engineering. He met Bilge Kağan Etil, his business partner, in 2017 and started to work on music together. If you wish, let’s get to know Bilge Kağan Etil.

Who is Bilge Kagan Etil?

Talented musician Bilge Kağan Etil was born in 1989 in Konya. He decided to study music in his education life and after studying Music Theory and piano with Doğan Sarıcı, he continued in the Department of Music Teaching at Konya Selçuk University. He played drums professionally on stage for a while. Afterwards, he did not continue his education because he did not want the department he studied, and studied Music Technologies at the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory. Then, in 2017, they met with Salman Tin and continued their bilateral work. To their group on the way to 2018 KÖFN gave their name. Bilge Kağan Etil undertook the task of arrangement and production in this group that he founded with Salman Tin. If you wish, let’s examine how this magnificent duo became famous.

How did KÖFN become famous?

Let’s talk a little bit about how the KÖFN group became famous, which became one of the most listened songs of recent years, the song “Bi Tek Ben Understand”. First of all, we would like to state that every person who loves his job will surely achieve success one day. As such, the beloved KÖFN Group has succeeded in adding to its reputation. After meeting Salman Tin and Bilge Kağan Etil, who are song and lyric writers in 2017, they started working. In 2018, they successfully undertook to make their name known by establishing the KÖFN Group.

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