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Jake Flint

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  • Jake Flint was a country music star known for his hit songs “Fireline” and “Cowtown.”
  • Sadly, the singer passed away on November 26, 2022, hours after marrying his wife Brenda.
  • At the time, no official cause of death had been determined, but his publicist said The Oklahomathat he died in his sleep.

It’s a sad time in the country music world as a hitmaker Jake Flint died on November 26, just hours after marrying his wife, Brenda Flintstone. The late musician was known for his songs “Fireline”, “Cowtown” and “Hurry up and Wait”. Jake was born in 1985 and was around 37 years old at the time of his death. Below are five things you should know about Jake and his life that ended too soon.

Jake Flint
Jake Flint was a country music singer who died on November 26, 2022. (Jake Flint Music/Youtube)

1. Jake Flint had just got married

Tragically, the night of his death was also the day Jake got married US Weekly. His bride Brenda and the singer exchanged vows at a secluded homestead on November 26, 2022, hours before his death. His friend and fellow musician Mike host recalled the events at the wedding The Oklahoma. “It was raining, but he had rented a 40 x 60 circus tent. … They put some rugs over the mud and then got two three-and-a-half inch pieces of plywood and put it on the floor — and that was my stage,” Mike said at the time. “Jake says, ‘Will you be okay with that?’ And I’m like, ‘Jake, that’s perfect.’ I shine on a piece of plywood or a flatbed trailer.”

The singer then told the outlet how “fun” the wedding was. “I still have the mud in my old van… but it was just a fun wedding. And it’s just a tragedy what happened,” concluded Mike. jake’s publicist, Cliff Doyal, confirmed the news of his death to the local outlet. He reportedly died in his sleep, but no official cause of death was released.

2. His wife Brenda mourned his loss via social media

On November 29, 2022, just days after Jake’s sudden death, Brenda adopted her Facebook site to mourn her husband. “We should be reviewing wedding photos, but instead I need to choose clothes to bury my husband in,” the widow wrote. “People shouldn’t feel so much pain. My heart is gone and I really need him to come back. I can’t take much more. I need him here.”

And just a day earlier she shared a photo from the wedding to Facebook. The bittersweet snap showed Brenda and Jake kissing passionately, along with a white border. Notably, Brenda didn’t add a caption to the photo. Jake often posted about Brenda on his Instagram account, and even announced their engagement via Instagram in January 2022. “So. We did one thing. Say hello to the future Mr. Brenda Wilson. #gettinhitched See you in Cain’s ballroom in a few months. Save the date to be determined. @cocoaborocoa,” he captioned the cute photo.

3. Jake had over 700 subscribers on YouTube

Aside from his personal love life with Brenda, Jake has had a growing music career. His YouTube account has over 728 subscribers and some of his videos even have over 76,000 views. In the comments section for his video for the song “What’s your name”Many of his admirers mourned the loss of Jake. “This guy was a damn good player!! RIP,” one fan wrote, while another chimed in, “Sending prayers of strength for his wife Brenda. I’m sorry for your loss.”

4. He was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma

Jake is from Oklahoma as he was born in the city of Holdenville. Many people remember him as a kind person who just loved music. Mike told it too The Oklahoma about how his personality was larger than life. “He was a singer-songwriter through and through and just a big personality, a big heart and [he’d] bend over backwards to do anything for you. When a musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of those most important days… and it’s always an honor,” he said of his late friend.

5. Jake was a proud dog dad

Jake also had a gentle side, which he showed on Instagram when he posted about his cute dog. Brenda and Jake shared a large mastiff dog named Birdie who loves to sit on Brenda’s lap. “She doesn’t know she’s beautiful. And he doesn’t know he’s not a lap dog. I hope she’s comfortable because he’s sawing logs and doesn’t go anywhere for at least 25 minutes. #mastiff #arlo #fiance,” he captioned it lovely snapshot. And in an even sillier post, on December 1, 2021, Birdie was spotted drooling on Brenda’s plate. “Find someone who looks at you like Princess Birdie is looking at a plate of Mexican food,” Jake captioned This photo.

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