Who is Haluk Levent, Founder of the Ahbap Association?

Who is Haluk Levent, Founder of the Ahbap Association? +2023

The life of Haluk Levent, the founder of the Ahbap Association, who drew attention with the activities he carried out after the earthquake that took place on the morning of February 6 and affected 10 cities in Turkey, started to be curious. All Türkiye became one heart, while organizing aid campaigns Haluk Levent With their help, it started to be talked about both on social media and on national channels. So who is Haluk Levent? How old? Buddy The life and biography of founder Haluk Levent and everything that is curious about him is in the continuation of our article.

Haluk Levent Life and Biography

Famous singer Haluk Levent was born on November 26, 1968 in Adana. Haluk Levent, who completed his primary and secondary education in Adana, has 9 siblings. After graduating from Adana Atatürk High School, he earned the forest engineering department at Karadeniz Technical University, but did not complete his education. Afterwards, he started computer programming, Physics and Accounting departments respectively, but his university life was interrupted due to the financial situation of his family.

Haluk Levent

Haluk Levent, who left his hometown in 1992, settled in Istanbul and released his first album, which reached two hundred thousand sales a year later. Haluk Levent, who was imprisoned in 1997 for a commercial case, wrote his first book, ‘Cat Bridge’, here. Famous artist Haluk Levent, known for his helpfulness, also took part in the field during the 1999 Marmara earthquake. He gave morale concerts to earthquake victims.

Haluk Levent Biography

Famous singer Haluk Levent, who has made a name for himself with the social projects he has been involved in recently, is one of the successful representatives of rock music in Turkey. The artist, whose full name is Haluk Levent Emergency, started to make music on the streets after leaving Adana. His first album, ‘Yollarda’, was inspired by these years. ‘One Night Time’, released in 1995, sold close to one million copies and opened the door to success for the famous singer.

The artist, who was sentenced to 9 months in prison due to a commercial case, released the album ‘Mektup’ using the recordings he made before entering the prison. Haluk Levent, who went out after his sentence ended, released the album ‘Yine Ayrılık’ in 1998 and went to the army to do his military service. He continued to sing while he was in the military and gave concerts in almost all provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. During the 1999 earthquake, he personally took part in the field and worked on the establishment of tent cities.

The famous singer, who has a high environmental awareness, referred to Susurluk with the song Trucker’s Song. He released the albums King Nude in 2001, A Man’s Diary in 2002, Open Your Window in 2004, and My Mother’s Folk Songs in 2005. Haluk Levent, one of the artists who gave the most concerts in Turkey, donated most of his concert income to those in need.

He released the album of Hacivat Karagöz in 2010 and Dostane in 2014. Married to Neslin Yonarlar in 2004, the artist parted ways in 2017.

What is the Friends Association?

The sadness of losing thousands of lives after the earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş stunned Turkey. After the earthquake, in which more than forty thousand people lost their lives, people and non-governmental organizations rushed to the aid of the earthquake victims. Haluk Levent, the founding president of the AHBAP Association, also launched post-earthquake aid campaigns and collected huge donations. So what is the AHBAP Association? What kinds of activities does it engage in?

Haluk Levent founded the AHBAP Association on December 31, 2017. The aim of the association, which is a non-governmental organization, is to reach and help people in need, and to increase social assistance and solidarity. It carries out studies in the field of disaster relief, search and rescue activities, health care, basic needs materials and student scholarships.

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