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  • David Robinson co-starred with Dog the Bounty Hunter in the 2019 reality show Dog’s Most Wanted.
  • His ex-wife Rainy Robinson also starred on the show.
  • David died on November 30 at the age of 50.

David Robinsonwho was Pursue the bounty hunter‘s co-star on his reality show The most wanted dogHe died at the age of 50. His ex-wife Rainy Robinson confirmed the message Instagram and revealed that he died on November 30th. David’s wife Brooke Robinson said TMZ that David collapsed in her dining room during a work visit. Paramedics arrived at the scene but were unable to resuscitate David via CPR, according to Brooke, who said David was “very healthy” prior to the unexpected medical emergency. An official cause of death was not announced.

fans of The most wanted dog should know who David is. But if you’re not, we’ve rounded up five important things you should know about David, as well as Dog’s reaction to his tragic death.

1. David appeared on “Dog’s Most Wanted”.

David played along The most wanted dog which aired for a 10-episode season on WGN America from September 2019 to November 2019. The show also featured Dog’s late wife Beth Chapman and his son Leland Chapman, among other. On the show is Dog (whose real name is Duane Chapman) and his team, including David, hunted down fugitives of his choice rather than people who jumped on bail. It also investigated Beth’s cancer diagnosis.

2. He was close to Dog.

David and Dog formed a close friendship while working together. Dog had kind things to say about David after his death. “I am shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my longtime right hand man. Until we meet again, brother,” he said TMZ.

3. He was a techie

That website to the The most wanted dog described David as a “tech expert”. His biography read: “David has worked with the Chapmans for almost a decade and specializes in the technical aspect of the hunt. It’s hard to unplug from technology these days and David will use that to find you.”

4. He was married twice.

David and Rainy were married for 25 years until she announced their split on Facebook in September 2020. Corresponding Daily Mail, Rainy claimed David was responsible for “some very heartbreaking and irrevocable acts,” though she didn’t give details of what happened. David married his second wife, Brooke Robinson, sometime after his split from Rainy.

5. His ex-wife was his co-star.

Rainy Robinson actually performed The most wanted dogwhile she and David were still married. your biography for the show read: “Hands down one of the smartest women out there. With many degrees and successful start-ups, you will hardly miss anything. The fugitives have no chance of making excuses. Rainy will cut through their stories and lure them in.”

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