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Who is Brandon Charnas? Facts About Something Navy’s Husband – Hollywood Life +2023

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  • Brandon Charnas is the husband of fashion influencer Arielle Charnas, who launched the Something Navy line.
  • Brandon works at a New York real estate agency.
  • Brandon and Arielle have three daughters together.

Ariel Charnas is best known for her work as a fashion/style influencer, which led her to launch independent clothing line Something Navy in 2020 Instagram side, she often shares photos with her husband, Brandon Charnas, as well as her two daughters. Brandon has become well known to fans of Something Navy over the years. Learn more about the real estate agent with five facts:

1. What does Brandon do?

According to this, in January 2018 Brandon co-founded the commercial real estate agency Current in New York City LinkedIn. The real estate consultancy “creates value for clients through a disruptive mindset,” according to his website approved. Before finding his company, Brandon was employed by Warwick Capital Management where he was responsible for real estate transactions. He began his career as an associate with the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis in New York City.

2. Where did Brandon Charnas go to college?

Ariel Charnas
Arielle Charnas on the red carpet. (Amy Sussmann/Shutterstock)

Brandon received his Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. He graduated magna cum laude. After completing his undergraduate studies, Brandon received his Doctor of Laws degree in Real Estate from Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law. In 2010 he completed his studies.

3. Brandon is married to Arielle Charnas

Brandon and Arielle married on October 18, 2014 in Fisher Island, Florida. The two had a “clean and chic” wedding that featured a “classic all-white color scheme.” Ariel founded the Some Navy fashion blog in 2009 and eventually grew it into a fashion and lifestyle brand launching in 2020. She was one of the first bloggers and influencers.

4. Brandon has 3 children

Brandon and Arielle are the proud parents of three daughters: Ruby Lou6, esme rae, 4, and Marine Bea, 1st Navy was a rainbow baby who was born in June 2021 after Arielle suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Arielle shared the story of her miscarriage in June 2020, just weeks after it happened. “It was a really difficult time for me,” she said. “Especially after two healthy pregnancies, this really came out of nowhere and was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I’m definitely going through an emotional rollercoaster, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.”

5. What you should know about the Brandon & Arielle COVID scandal

In March 2020, Arielle tested positive for the coronavirus and shared the news on her Instagram. At the time, the CDC required a two-week quarantine for people infected with the virus. Before her two weeks were up, Arielle began posting videos of herself in the Hamptons, revealing that she had left her New York City apartment while she was due to quarantine. The family faced extreme backlash for the decision. COVID-19 tests were also very hard to come by at the time, and Arielle also faced backlash for being able to get one through a doctor friend who helped her get a test at an emergency facility while other patients were doing so not did the same options offered.

Amid the backlash, Instagram users began posting messages they received from Brandon blasting them for criticizing Arielle. Arielle broke down in tears when she apologized for her behavior on Instagram in April 2020. Meanwhile, Brandon posted his own apology videos to Arielle’s account in May. “At the time I felt like I was defending and protecting my family, but now I realize how stupid and offensive what I did was and I’m sorry,” he said. “I was caught in the heat of battle.”

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