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Brandy Whitney Houston

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The first episode of brandies new Audible Words + Music project, Brandy – A new moondelves deep into the Grammy winner’s groundbreaking role Cinderella by Rodgers & Hammerstein. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of the project, which premieres December 2nd, Brandy admits she “didn’t know” she was “making history” by playing Cinderella.

“I didn’t think at all about what it meant to be the first black Disney princess, nor did I think about what it would mean for the world to see a black Cinderella with pigtails,” she says. “For me it was, I work with Whitney Houston. Just a few years ago I cried because I couldn’t meet her and now she chose me to play Cinderella. I will be in the studio with Whitney and she will play my fairy godmother. Wow. It was the wildest of dreams come true.”

Brandy reveals that what “felt revolutionary” to her was “that Disney was trying to create something monumental by having this big, multicultural cast that was brilliant, smart and, frankly, ahead of their time.” was”. The TV movie premiered on ABC in 1997. Whitney co-produced the racially diverse film, which also starred Whoopie Goldberg, Paulo Montalban, Jason Alexander, Bernadette Petersand more.

While recording the film’s incredible music, Brandy had the opportunity to be in the studio with Whitney. “Hearing her sing and singing with her was beyond anything I had ever experienced,” admits Brandy.

She continues, “Looking back now, oh my god, I was the first black Cinderella, and because of Whitney, I got the chance to play such an iconic role. Because of her, I became the first black Disney princess. I couldn’t really appreciate it at that moment because I was focused on doing the best possible job I could. But my life had literally become a Cinderella story. My dreams had come true, except I didn’t care about finding a prince because I had met my fairy godmother.”

Brandy Whitney Houston
Brandy and Whitney Houston as Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. (Everett Collection)

The role of Cinderella comes full circle for Brandy. She will be playing Cinderella again for years to come progeny spinoff movie The pocket watch.

in the brandy‘s Words + Music project holds her back as she chronicles the personal experiences, triumphs and trauma that shaped her into a global, multi-generational superstar. Written and designed by brandy with Gerrick Kennedy, brandy‘s Words + Music is an intimate and invigoratingly raw meditation on power and purpose from one of the most influential singers of all time.

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