Where was Netflix’s “Wednesday” filmed? All real locations +2023

The new hit series from Netflix Wednesday is creepy and wacky, and it’s currently the streamer’s #1 show – and breaks the record for most hours watched for an English-language show in a single week.

Set at the fictional Nevermore Academy and directed by Tim Burton, the series is gloriously gothic, with magnificent castles, ballrooms and gardens, and murky forests, all filmed in Romania (regarded as Dracula’s true homeland).

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Where was Wednesday filmed?

The Netflix fantasy series was filmed in Romania after pre-production in Canada. In conversation with gold derby, Production Designer Mark Scruton said: “We started in Toronto and ended up in Romania. We looked at a lot of different castles and palaces and environments to build it on.”

And as for Nevermore Academy’s physical location, they found it at Cantacuzino Castle – where they shot the exterior and interior shots – in Bușteni, Romania. Scruton said, “We ended up with Cantacuzino, which you see on the show, and there really wasn’t much left of it by the time we were done adding and improving it and playing around with it. We used the site for about three or four days.”

Open to the public, the castle is made of stone and brick and features Roman mosaics, Italian glazed pottery, and limestone fireplaces on multiple levels. Scruton told Gold Derby: “There was a central column that Tim [Burton] really addicted to it, it had that sort of Addams Family quality without it being a direct reference and I think that was a fulcrum for everything else.

According to Netflix Romania, other filming locations for Nevermore Academy include Casa Niculescu and Gradina Botanica Dimitrie Brândza, both in Bucharest (Romania’s largest city). The former provided the fictional school’s stairwell and hallways, while the latter was the botanical gardens, often visited by Wednesday and her colleagues, as well as Christina Ricci’s surprise character, Ms. Thornhill, the academy’s botanical sciences teacher.

Now what about the school Wednesday is expelled from in the series’ opening sequence? These scenes were filmed at Bucharest’s Politehnica University and the nearby Bazinul de Înot Dinamo, a public swimming pool in a sports park, which are only a ten-minute drive from each other.

The series also shot in Conacul Olga Greceanu, a historic mansion in Bălteni, and in Gara Regala, a train station in Sinaia. Watch the short filming location video from Netflix Romania above.

Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix.

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