Where the three new Primark stores are going to open in Madrid +2023

It seems that Primark has decided that 2023 is going to be its year, and it is not only starting with your online storebut It is going to open new stores in Spain and three of them will arrive in Madrid.

In two years, and investing 100 million euros, the Irish firm wants to open a total of eight stores and reform some such as Diagonal Mar in Barcelona. In the process, it is expected to hire more than 1,000 employees, and it is already known where Primark is going to open its new stores: Lanzarote, Melilla, Toledo, Jaén, Lorca and three of them in Madrid.

Pepco, the Polish Primark with more than 50 stores in Spain and prices that do not exceed 20 euros

Where are the Primark stores going to open in Madrid?

the first already was announced in February 2021, and will be located in the Salamanca neighborhood, in the building of the old Salamanca Cinema, on Calle del Conde de Peñalver. A building that already rumored to lease in 2018but that due to the pandemic has delayed its plans.

The other two openings will not be street stores, but will open in two shopping centers: La Vaguada, the oldest shopping center in Madrid, and the Alcalá Magna Shopping Center.

The project has a duration of two years as we said, and the dates on which the stores will open have not yet been announced, but we are looking forward to seeing if they are as spectacular as the Primark of Gran Via.

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