Where is Lord Of War streamed? Here’s how to watch Viktor Bout’s Merchant Of Death +2023

Brittney Griner finally returns to the United States after spending 10 months in Russian custody alleged drug offenses. The WNBA star was traded with international arms dealer President Joe Biden as part of a prisoner swap to bring home a man known as the “dealer of death.”

Viktor Bout, a former Soviet military translator, was first arrested by US officials in Thailand in 2008 before being found guilty three years later Conspiracy to kill AmericansPer The New York Times. His extradition to the US, which was met with protests from the Russian government which claimed he was innocent, resulted in a 25-year federal prison sentence. However, Bout only served 11 years of his sentence before Biden traded him for Griner.

If you think Bout’s story sounds familiar, that’s because you might have seen something like it in the 2005 crime drama lord of war, with Nicholas Cage. Here’s everything we know about where to watch the film:


Lord of War follows the life of Yuri Orlov (Cage) from his early dealings with local gangsters to his much larger roles in the business, including selling weapons used to commit war crimes to Israeli and Lebanese troops during the Lebanon War in the 1980s became.

during the movie came out in 2005 — three years before Bout was arrested — Cage’s character was loosely based on the high-profile arms dealer. The only major difference, however, is that Cage escapes trouble with American authorities while Bout was convicted of his crimes.


HBO Max Subscribers can watch Lord of War on the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming platform. Otherwise, the film can be viewed on digital platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. apple tvand google playwhere you can rent it for $3.99.

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