When Pete Davidson hilariously joked about marrying Ariana Grande, not the one we know, years after his split from the pop icon +2023

If Pete Davidson as a stand-up comic has personally made sure he pushes boundaries on a daily basis, then what’s stopping you? That SNL Actor, when he’s not making us laugh with his jokes that make us worry about his mental well-being but also make us laugh out loud, he’s making some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood happy. So happy that in her 2018 album sweetenerPete Davidson’s ex-fiancé dedicated a track to him in which she used the word “happy” 22 times in just one minute.

Looking back, Ariana Grande was the big guest at Pete Davidson’s star-studded inauguration of dating history. The relationship consisted of the former SNL The actor and the Grammy winner got engaged just a month after dating, which included leaving “I love you” under each other’s Instagram posts and Seth Rogen puking in the corner.

The engagement ended within weeks, but not without giving the comedian, the singer, and us too, content to write about for a lifetime. While Pete Davidson’s near-marriage to Ariana is all over the media, his near-marriage to another Arianna isn’t as well known to many.

Not only Ariana Grande, but also Pete Davidson almost married Arianna

Years after Pete Davidson ended his relationship with Ariana Grande and embarked on a mission to court almost every beautiful woman in Hollywood, he almost married a fan. After winding the shoot of Saturday night livethe stand-up comic hit some fans outside of the NBC studios. And when the fan said: “my name is also Arianna‘ in reference to Davidson’s ex-fiancé. And his answer blew our minds. “So hello! Let’s get married,‘ Davidson replied to fans.

So we don’t blame the fan for posting “I met Pete Davidson and I’m in love‘ and the TikTok that followed after their encounter. That SNL The star’s response was also a nod to him, iconicly mockingly asking Maggie Rogers to get married just days after his split from Ariana Grande. This was followed by “thanks, go on‘ tweet from Grande, which has since been deleted by the Grammy-winning artist.

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The stand-up comic with Emily Ratajkowski is currently making itself comfortable. And after making a few jokes about it Netflix Special, and dating Kim Kardashian, Phoebe Dynevor and Kaia Jordan Gerber, it’s safe to say Davison is over Ariana Grande.

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