When is Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio coming out on Netflix? +2023

New and young actor Gregory Mann is lending his voice as the title character in the new Netflix film. Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro. The star is joined by actors David Bradley as Master Geppetto and Ewan McGregor as Sebastian J. Cricket.

Ron Perlman as Podesta, Tilda Swinton as Wood Sprite and Death, Christoph Waltz as Count Volpe, Cate Blanchett as Spazzatura, Tim Blake Nelson as Black Rabbits, Finn Wolfhard as Candlewick, John Turturro as Doctore, and Burn Gorman as Priest round out the cast .

Del Toro is known for many projects including Oscar-winning films Pan’s LabyrinthMovie 2017 The shape of the waterNetflix trollhunter series and more. With this director at the helm, the new adaptation of the classic story is sure to be magical.

So when do you need to set your alarm? We’ve got you covered!

When is Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio coming out on Netflix?

The feature film begins streaming at 12 p.m. PT/3 PM ET on Netflix. That would be 2am CT for those in the Midwest. West coasts are lucky as the night watch wouldn’t be too bad, especially since the next day is a weekend. But for those of you on the east coast, it might just be those enthusiastic night owls brave enough to stay up late to see the film.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro will tell the classic story we all know, but with a slightly darker twist. The story takes place in fascist Italy during Mussolini’s tenure as the country’s prime minister, Netflix reports. The wooden boy we all know and love comes to life thanks to a wish from his father, Geppetto. The film takes us through different worlds, shows Pinocchio’s struggle to live up to his father’s expectations and teaches the power of love.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro will begin streaming on Friday, December 9 at 12:00 p.m. PT on Netflix.

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