When do the 2023 winter sales of El Corte Inglés start? +2023

After saying goodbye to the December bridge, there are two main objectives: Christmas and the winter sales. Traditionally, the farewell to the Three Wise Men gave way to discounts, but in recent years everything has changed. Now, each brand follows its own strategy and decides to kick off offers based on their interests. Today we talk about when and how the winter sales 2023 of El Corte Inglés will take place.

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At the moment, the national giant has not pronounced on the matter, but we rescued the data from last year that can serve as a guide. El Corte Inglés inaugurated the official discounts of the sales on January 6but before we were able to enjoy the most interesting offers.

When the Winter Sales 2023 of El Corte Ingles 3 Start

To celebrate New Years, from December 26 to January 5 there were price drops which reached -40% discount. Clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, accessories and lingerie fell into this category.

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These discounts can be of great help to latecomers who buy the gifts of the Three Wise Men at the last minute and do not want to give up attractive prices. We promise that as soon as El Corte Inglés rules on the 2023 sales, we will update this article.

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