When are new episodes coming out? +2023

Temperatures may be cooling, but things are heating up on Netflix this December thanks to the arrival of a new season of its hit reality series Too hot to touch.

This December, a new batch of sexy singles will be testing their willpower in new ways as our favorite AI host, Lana, reveals they’re not about to join a new dating show called wild love, but were lured to the instead Too hot to touch Villa!

As in previous seasons, these singles are tasked with forgoing sexual contact (or masturbation) of any kind in favor of making more meaningful connections. With each rulebreak, more money is deducted from the grand prize awarded at the end of the season – and if the trailer for the season was any indication, there seems to be more than a few rulebreaks throughout the season!

Fans can look forward to another watchable season of their favorite guilt pleasure show, which will once again unfold in waves of new episodes.

When are new episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 4 coming out?

While Netflix users have grown accustomed to being able to enjoy the entire season of Netflix Originals at launch, Netflix takes a more unique approach with its reality series, including Too hot to touch. Instead of fully releasing the season at launch, Netflix will once again release new episodes of Too hot to touch in two batches.

The first five episodes of Season 4 are scheduled to air on Wednesday December 7th and the second half of the season will air on Wednesday December 14th. Therefore, here you can expect when new episodes of Season 4 will arrive:

  • episode 1The Mile Dry Club streaming December 7th
  • episode 2There’s Something About Nigel – Streaming December 7th
  • episode 3Officer Kill Joy streaming December 7th
  • Episode 4Flavia of the Month – Streaming December 7th
  • episode 5The Shower and the Glory streaming December 7th
  • episode 6 – Streaming on December 14th
  • episode 7 – Streaming on December 14th
  • episode 8 – Streaming on December 14th
  • episode 9 – Streaming on December 14th
  • episode 10 – Streaming on December 14th

It’s unclear if Netflix might bring fans a reunion special of some sort after the season finale, but no special has been announced at this time. However, we can confirm that this season is only ten episodes long, so there will be no more episodes after December 14th.

Like most new Netflix Originals, new episodes of Too hot to touch will be available to stream at 3:01 p.m. ET on their start dates!

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