What’s on Netflix’s January 2023 Calendar? +2023

In the new year, TV series and movies will be our biggest passion. Netflix will accompany us in 2023. Netflix January 2023 calendar has been announced. new season in january netflix sequencesand netflix films meets its audience. The list we have prepared for those who will be in front of the screen with netflix series and movies in January is in the continuation of our article.

Netflix Series 2023


Olhar Indiscreto (Neighboring House) – January 1

A skilled voyeur hacker finds himself embroiled in a dangerous investigation after his sex worker neighbor goes on a weekend trip.

Kaleidoscope season 1 – January 1

Published on the first day of 2023 Netflix Kaleidoscope is a thriller and crime drama. The Netflix series, which is about the robbery attempt of master thief Leo Pap and his team, is about the biggest robbery in history with a fortune of 7 billion dollars. However, the plans do not go as desired due to betrayal and greed.

The Lying Life of Adults season 1 – January 4

There is also a book adaptation in the Netflix January series calendar. Adapted from the book of the same name by Italian writer Elena Ferrante, the netflix series tells the story of a girl in the 90s. Our hero, who goes on an adventure with his family, goes on a journey to see different sides of his family and the city he lives in.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 – January 5

Freedom-loving Georgia moves to start a new life with her children. However, on the way to new beginnings, the past does not let go, and the secrets from the past jeopardize her new life. Various adventures and challenges await Ginny and Georgia in their new city.

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 – January 5

A woman with mysterious and supernatural abilities is sold to bring luck to people throughout her life. While searching for her way in the criminal world, she embarks on a path to take revenge on all the people who have done her wrong. Angela Bundalovic stars in this Scandinavian crime drama.

Pokemon Unique Journeys – January 6

Ash and Goh embark on many adventures on their journey through Pokemon land. During the world coronation tournament, Ash and his friends are put to tough tests. You will witness the unique adventures of Ash, Pokemon Goh and their friends in the Netflix series set in the Pokemon universe.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 -12 January

Season 2 of the action genre Vikings Valhalla will air on January 12. This series, which is the continuation of Netflix’s Viking series, takes place a century later. The series, which has plenty of action and drama, tells the heroism of the Vikings. Finding themselves suddenly stranded in Scandinavia, our new season heroes face the test of their ambitions and courage.

Les Combattantes (Women at War) – January 19

The series takes place in France in 1914. The men forced to go to the front as German troops marched towards the borders, and the four women who had to face the devastating consequences of the war. The series is about the intersection of the lives of these four women whose lifestyles are completely different from each other.

Shahmaran season 1 – January 20

In the fantastic series about the prophecy of Shahmaran, the leading character Şahsu is unaware of this prophecy in which he is in the center and the love that awaits him. However, this love will affect not only the lives of two people, but also the entire destiny of the two races. Unaware of everything, Şahsu falls in love with Maran, the guide of the Mar community. And a love is born that will affect the fate of people and snakes.

Netflix Movies 2023

Pamela A Love Story

Madoff – January 6

It is a documentary about the ups and downs of Bernie Madoff, who is behind the biggest fraud story in Wall Street history. Madoff includes interviews with journalists, investigators, and victims of fraud. The documentary also includes never-before-seen videos of Madoff. Although many people thought that Madoff committed these crimes alone, he was not alone, according to the trailer released.

Pale Blue Eyes (The Pale Blue Eye) – January 6

Pale Blue Eyes is a Netflix movie about a veteran detective solving mysterious murders at the Military Academy in West Point. The detective enlists the help of a young student to shed light on these murders. The Netflix movie, starring Christian Bale, has plenty of horror and mystery elements. The movie, which is a book adaptation, has a gothic atmosphere.

Lost Dog (Dog Gone) – January 13

A man and his father who make a great effort to find his lost dog. This couple, who are not on good terms, go on a long journey to find the lost dog. This journey also opens up many opportunities to mend their relationship. The Netflix movie, which you will watch breathlessly, will be released on the Netflix platform on January 13.

Pamela Anderson, A Love Story (Pamela, A Love Story) – January 31

Archival footage that has never been published before, her stunning romances, the sex tape scandal she was involved in… Focusing on Pamela Anderson’s life story, the documentary tells the journey of the most colorful and iconic artist in the recent history of popular culture to become famous.

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