What You Need to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty in Turkey + 2023

In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a popular and beloved destination for those who want to have rhinoplasty surgery to enhance their beauty and increase the functionality of their noses. The nose that allows you to breathe in the best way is as important as the nose that completes your appearance. The most comprehensive developments in rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery in general are seen in Turkey. Rhinoplasty in Turkey consistently ranked among the best countries in the world in this field.

Some patients abroad may crave to have their nose surgery done quickly. As with other invasive procedures, it is essential to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of Rhinoplasty.

In conclusion, before doing this very important surgery, let’s discuss some important factors that will help you decide whether you have chosen the right time, place and the right clinic in Turkey. Scroll through to learn the must-read steps to help you decide if Turkey is the best choice for your rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery.

Are You Eligible to Have Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Thanks to the strong regulations and laws of the Turkish health sector, medical or health tourism in Turkey is safer than in many other countries. Of course, there are some prerequisites that an international patient seeking rhinoplasty in Turkey must meet, and they are as follows:


In order to have rhinoplasty, women must be over 16 years old and men must be over 18 years old.


The patient must be in excellent physical and mental health. Those with ongoing medical problems or chronic health conditions may not be suitable for nose surgery.

To smoke

Patients should avoid smoking for at least 3 months after surgery unless they are ready to quit 2 weeks before. Note that smoking lowers blood oxygen levels (in some cases), causing tissue death and poor healing.

Time management

If you decide to have a rhinoplasty, keep in mind that you will need to take some time off from work and other responsibilities. Patients can return to work a little more than two weeks after rhinoplasty. Make sure your travel plans match the rest of your calendar.


One of the main reasons why individuals prefer Turkey as the best destination for medical care in the first place is that Turkish healthcare services are so affordable.

Keep in mind that although Turkey costs 4-5 times less than in the US, UK and most of Europe in general, you will still have to pay for it. So, you should factor in the cost of your airfare, eating out, duration of your trip, where you’ll be away from work, etc. Calculate and budget for additional costs, such as


Each person has unique facial features. Therefore, when choosing a particular nose shape, be sure to choose a nose shape that complements these features. It is normal to have a certain nose shape in mind; however, keep in mind that your doctor may disagree with you during the consultation.

This is because choosing an unsuitable shape can harm the health of your nose or make the rest of your features look out of place. Even if the specialist’s assessment of your nose is different from what you had in mind, be prepared to hear it.

Is Turkey a Good Place for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Since you are reading this article, we guess you are considering having rhinoplasty in Turkey, wondering if it is the right place and if it is worth it. Right? If your answer is YEAHRead on to find out why it’s the ideal place.

It is widely accepted that Turkey is now among the countries. top 5 countries for Rhinoplasty, thanks to the rapid and visible growth in the cosmetic surgery industry over the past few decades. Rhinoplasty surgeries have been successful for over 1000 years. 98% Number of cases

What You Need to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Health has a significant influence on this, as it provides financial assistance to the public and commercial healthcare sectors in their efforts to promote health tourism.

Special permits, licenses and funds are also granted to health tourism agencies, clinics and hospitals to help them raise their standards and purchase the most modern medical technology.

As a result of all these efforts, it produces attractive results at extraordinary prices.

Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey For Nose Aesthetics?

YEAH. Turkey’s public and private healthcare systems are highly respected and safe. Due to Turkey’s socialized healthcare system, national and international patients have to follow strict rules. Various benefits:

  • It ensures the safety of patients and avoids potentially risky or unnecessary operations.
  • Another method of verifying the credibility and reliability of the health tourism business you are associated with is to confirm the legitimacy of your service provider. To do this, besides reading reviews/reviews on the internet, check if it has a feature. TURSAB
  • If it has a TURSAB license, check whether the company or agency is routinely registered, inspected and inspected by the state. agencies or companies that are not TURSAB license They are not allowed to serve patients from abroad. And it would be best to avoid them at all costs.

4 Reasons Why People Prefer Turkey For Their Medical Procedures

Let’s take a look at three factors that make Turkey one of the best in the world. top 5 places to go for plastic surgery:

First Class Treatment: Turkish clinics and hospitals offer the highest level of care to patients before, during and after the procedure with the latest technologies. Procedures are performed in well-equipped facilities with immediate access to emergency care. You will receive care from lovely medical professionals, including translators, nurses and doctors who are there and willing to help you.

Availability: Besides offering excellent treatments, Turkey’s rhinoplasty costs are incredibly reasonable compared to the US or UK. The cost of Rhinoplasty in Turkey can be significantly reduced while providing patients with the same level of care as in other countries.

Highly Skilled Specialist Surgeons: Turkish rhinoplasty surgeons have a deep awareness and understanding of what patients want, thanks to their frequent interactions with patients who visit them from all over the world.

What You Need to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty in Turkey

high quality and best rhinoplasty surgeons in turkey they perform more operations than their counterparts in the USA or UK in a given period, enabling them to gain many dexterity and are in high demand.

Wonderful Holiday: Turkey is a great travel destination and one of the top spots for rhinoplasty surgery.

What You Need to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Thanks to its rich historical artifacts, mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating natural beauties, you can have a fun and unforgettable holiday while you are being treated.

Different Rhinoplasty Procedures Offered in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure with a wide variety of alternative forms, approaches and techniques. Therefore, it is inevitable that new methods, fields of study and procedures will emerge over time. Turkish surgeons are in high demand, with a large number of local and international patients seeking plastic surgery.

For this reason, they perform not only known surgeries, but also trendy and emerging surgeries. Let’s take a look at the most commonly applied rhinoplasty techniques today.

Open / Closed Rhinoplasty It is called a ‘technique’ rather than a separate ‘type’ of rhinoplasty. Although most rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey can use both approaches, they generally prefer one over the other in their practice.

In the surgical method known as “closed technique” or “closed rhinoplasty”, all of the incisions in the mucous layer covering the inside of the nose remain inside the nose and are not visible from the outside.

In “open rhinoplasty”, in addition to the incisions in the nose, an incision is made in the skin of the columella column located between the nostrils. It allows the nose skin to be lifted completely upwards and towards the forehead.

Primary Rhinoplastyor Nasoplasty is a traditional (standard) rhinoplasty and is the second most popular cosmetic procedure. It is a rhinoplasty surgery performed on people who have never had trauma, deformity or nose surgery before.

Since the surgical site is easier to place between the tissues, the cartilage patches (grafts) required for nose repair can be taken from other parts of the nose, and the success of the procedure is quite high in people who do not have rhinoplasty surgery. The recovery process is more predictable.

Revision Rhinoplasty It is a procedure to eliminate the negative effects of a previous rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic) surgery. Unfortunately, not every patient who has rhinoplasty can achieve success.

The tip of the nose can be thin, wide, asymmetrical, low, low, or incredibly short and upturned, or the nostrils can be wide or asymmetrical. Revision rhinoplasty requires more experience, skill and precision than primary rhinoplasty. Fortunately, there are many medical professionals in Turkey who specialize in grafting, correction and revision.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty It is based on creating a natural-looking, aesthetic nose with features specific to facial proportions, nose structures and skin types of various ethnicities.

It is essential to use this approach to enhance facial features without losing their distinctive, ethnically distinct features. As Turkey is a major destination for medical tourism, many doctors have expertise in operating and meeting the unique needs of ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

SeptorhinoplastyIt corrects the appearance and functionality of the nose, one of the most common combination procedures. The septum, which is the structure inside the nose, divides it into 2 parts in the midline.

The curvature of this structure as a result of congenital or overtime traumas is called septum deviation, and the operation to correct it is called septoplasty. Turkish doctors have extensive experience in performing such surgeries.

Non-Surgical / Liquid / Injection Rhinoplasty It is a relatively recently developed, uncommon method in which dermal fillers are used to enlarge the nose in a clinical setting. It does not give permanent results. Most Turkish doctors can perform this type of rhinoplasty efficiently.

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