What years is Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 set? +2023

Firefly Lane Season 2 is finally here and it’s time to catch up with Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey over the years. Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis are back to bring the complex story of lifelong best friends to life.

Based on the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane follows Tully and Kate’s complicated journey as best friends, from when they first met in high school to their adult lives today.

The show’s second season continues after the first season’s cliffhanger, which hinted at some present-day estrangement between the inseparable couple. What could have happened to tear them apart, and will they find each other again?

To better understand their present and future, we must also learn about their past. But when exactly? Firefly Lane season 2 take place? What years does the new season span Tully and Kate’s lives? Here’s everything you need to know about the timeline!

Warning: mild spoilers ahead Firefly Lane Season 2.

What years is Firefly Lane Season 2 set?

Firefly Lane takes place mainly in the 1970s, 1980s and 2000s. More specifically, Skovbye and Curtis portray Tully and Kate as teenagers in 1974-1976. The characters meet in 1974 and the second season depicts the American Bicentennial, which took place on July 4, 1976, and her junior year of high school.

The storyline, which sees Tully and Kate (played this time by Heigl and Chalke with wigs, makeup and some digital aging) working together at KPOC, is set in the 1980s. Season 2 is about 1985 and beyond when best friends work at the news network.

We also get a chance to take a look at Tully and Kate in the 1990s Firefly Lane Season 2. The season jumps to the early 90’s when Tully has risen in her career and Kate has just given birth to Marah.

But the present in Firefly Lane is obviously not our present time. Tully and Kate’s adulthood, when they are in their mid-40s, takes place in 2003, 2004 and 2005. There are plenty of cultural references and outdated technology (remember the Blackberry?) to give us a sense of the place.

The second and final season moves through time much more than the first season. It flashes back to 1959 when Tully was a newborn baby and Cloud (Beau Garrett) knocked on the door of Binswanger’s home. Time will only tell what the timeline in part 2 will bring.

What is your favorite time period? Firefly Lane Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch the new episodes only on Netflix!

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