What should I do if I have a ‘prohibited pet’ at home by the Animal Welfare Law

What should I do if I have a ‘prohibited pet’ at home by the Animal Welfare Law +2023

One of the most notorious novelties that the Animal Welfare Law will bring with it is the list of prohibited pets. This has put the owners of the most exotic and different animals in the spotlight. What will you have to do if your best friend is on the list? We tell you, do not panic.

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The bill does not mention prohibited animals per se. Rather it speaks to factors such as animal welfare, potential risk to the environment or human health, husbandry and husbandry, and precaution. In this sense, they would be excluded from being domestic pets. rodents, rabbits, turtles, birds, exotic reptiles and spiders.

prohibited animals pets

This news has raised panic among the owners of hamsters, pet hedgehogs, lovebirds and other animals that are quite common to have at home. something to Sergio Garcia Torresdirector general of animal rights, I have answered guaranteeing that Whoever has a prohibited animal already at home can continue having it.

prohibited animals pets

One of the solutions proposed is to create a list where these “prohibited” animals can be registered and guarantee that they do not reproduce. That way you can get your companion pet statusbecause otherwise can lead to penalties of up to 200,000 euros and even jail.

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