What Should Be Considered for Choosing the Right Pillow?

What Should Be Considered for Choosing the Right Pillow? +2023

Creating an ideal sleep environment is undoubtedly going through healthy sleep product choices. For those who want to lie down in bed and have a comfortable sleep after a busy day, pillow choice is as important as mattress selection. Choosing the right mattress and pillow is among the issues that should be considered together to improve sleep quality. Turkey’s Mattress Specialist İşbir Bedding, which offers healthy sleep solutions with its products produced with years of experience, lists the things to be considered for choosing the right pillow.

The pillow chosen in accordance with the body physiology increases your sleep quality.

One of the most important issues to consider when choosing a pillow is that it is suitable for your body ergonomics. Pillow selection made in accordance with body physiology provides a healthy sleep environment. Pillows that provide ideal support to the neck cavity by fully adapting to the head and neck area increase sleep quality. It provides comfort to the neck while resting and sleeping.

The filling material is of great importance.

Pillows filled with cotton, goose down, wool, bamboo, visco can be preferred according to needs. Goose feather pillows maximize sleep comfort thanks to their light, soft and flexible texture. With its natural structure, it protects the body against temperature changes. It regulates the humidity and creates the most suitable atmosphere for sleep. The cotton pillow is easy to shape according to the body, as well as providing a pleasant sleeping environment with its softness. The wool pillow, which is resistant to cold and heat, provides a quality sleep experience in all four seasons. Bamboo pillow provides a comfortable sleep with its silky, light and soft texture. It facilitates the breathing of the body with its high air permeability. It minimizes sweating. Thermolite pillow, which is produced with a special production technique, supports your head and neck in the best way by changing its place according to your movements during sleep thanks to the licensed bead fiber used in it. Visco-filled pillows are activated by the user’s body heat and pressure. Thanks to the movement ability of viscose, the pillow takes the shape of the body by being sensitive to heat and weight. Visco pillows, thanks to their flexible and pressure-reducing structure, ensure that the natural posture of the spine during the day continues throughout the night. Visco pillows provide a healthy sleep experience with their perfect harmony to the head and neck cavity.

Attention should be paid to the quality of the fabric.

The fabric of the pillows is important in that it comes into direct contact with our body. Attention should be paid to the quality of the material used. Fabrics with a breathable structure and high air permeability offer an ideal sleep climate. Its moisture absorption feature allows the body to breathe and minimizes sweating.

At home, in the car, at work, Viscomed Body Support Pillows are with you!

Viscomed body support pillows offer ideal support to your neck with their heat and pressure sensitive structure. Viscomed pillows adapt perfectly to your head and neck area. Viscogold The neck support pillow supports the neck and shoulder muscles with its structure that fully adapts to the neck. It helps the tissues to relax with its shape suitable for the anatomical structure of the neck structure. Viscoair The neck support pillow with granule gel offers fresh and uninterrupted sleep. Thanks to the granular gels in its formula, it creates a feeling of cooling in the neck and shoulder area, even in hot weather, and increases your sleeping comfort. Specially designed for those who like high and hard pillows. Viscolife The neck support pillow has high air permeability and offers an ideal sleep climate. It helps to relax neck and shoulder muscles.

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With the Viscostar layer on the upper surface and special filling material Polyrest The pillow provides a healthy and enjoyable sleep experience. Polirest offers double-sided use. Polirest pillow, which can be used in different parts of the body, such as head, neck, waist, legs, knees and under the ankles, provides support for pregnant women when lying on their side. Bringing users a comfortable and healthy sleep under all conditions, İşbir Bedding offers a great opportunity to users who want to renew their pillows with the 3 buy 2 pay campaign that will be implemented until the end of May on Polirest pillows.

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