what it is and how to see your personal summary of the year +2023

Just like Netflix is ​​filled with the best Christmas movies and nougats become the favorite sin, Spotify presents its Wrapped 2022 taking advantage of the fact that it is the last day of November. The music platform streaming returns to give us a summary of what this year has represented in musical terms based on our daily reproductions. We explain how to see your own summary so that you can delight all your Instagram followers with facts that you may already know (we warn you in advance that an avalanche of summaries in RRSS is expected).

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How to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Every year Spotify collects and shows us listening statistics on this platform. Although it is an annual summary, it only takes into account what we have heard in the first ten months of the year, so if you have been burning a new artist’s album for a couple of months, it may not appear.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 01

In order to see our Spotify Wrapped 2022 we must previously have an account is Spotify (obvious) and download the mobile app on Google Play for android and in the App Store from iOS. Once we open Spotify on our mobile, a full-color Spotify Wrapped banner will appear. In the event that you do not see it, we can access it through the official website, entering Spotify.com/es/wrapped and clicking on Download Spotify. By doing so, it will open your mobile application and launch the statistics.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 02

Made up of ten Instagram Stories-style slides, they display all the statistics that make up the summary. Spotify Wrapped welcomes us with a presentation and delighting us with the total number of minutes listened to during all these months -personally 17,447 minutes have seemed like an outrage, although I must confess that they are more since I usually listen to a lot of music on vinyl records-.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 003

This summary will tell us which song we have heard the most times as well as the top 5 of our favorite songs. In addition, we will be able to know which is our favorite artist based on our listens (in my case Rosalía, trá trá!) as well as the list of the five most listened to artists among which is Bad Bunny (the most listened to artist in the world on Spotify last year).

You’d better get ready, as it’s possible that in the next few hours (and days) your Instagram feed will be filled with all the year roundups from your friends and acquaintances.

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