What is “Yule Log” in adult swimming? +2023

Most networks would use the season finale of their biggest show to launch a new series or cancel a show that needs a little boost. Adults never swim. No, this is a network that has always been defined by one word: chaos. And it doesn’t slow down as a result Rick and Morty season 6

Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation may be over, but this night is just beginning. Consider this your spoiler-free guide to what the heck Yule log is and why you need to keep an eye on those flames.

What is adult swimming? Yule log?

Has Adult Swim been feeling pretty quiet and predictable lately? Well, that will change. Immediately after Rick and MortyThe season 6 finale, Adult Swim, releases Yule Log, a new project by Casper Kelly.

What is Yule Log you ask? If you’re familiar with Kelly’s work, you know that answering this question spoils half the fun. But what we can do is Adult Swim’s official log line for this project: “Get in the holiday spirit with this cozy, roaring fire. Rated by TV-MA for Violence, Adult Language and Brief Nudity.” See this review? This might not be a family-friendly roast in front of the fire.

How long is Yule log in adult swimming?

Corresponding Adult Swim Schedule, Yule log runs from 11:30 p.m. ET to 1:30 a.m. ET. Only two hours of flames and a cozy atmosphere.

What else did Casper Kelly do?

Your real clue as to what this surprise drop its creator actually is. Yule Log was written and directed by Casper Kelly, the man behind it “Too many cooks.” Yes, the ghost behind the viral short that haunted us all in 2014 has returned eight years later. And as a reminder, Too Many Cooks was only 11 minutes long – not two hours.

While the equally memorable and disturbing short film is probably what Kelly is best known for, it’s far from his only Adult Swim project. Kelly is responsible for two more surprise drops for the network: 2020 Danny Ketchup and 2018 “Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough.” He also directed the Cheddar Goblin ad in Mandy. His greatest contribution to television, however, was as the creator of the hellish workplace comedy, Your pretty face is going to hell.

Will Yule log Stream everywhere?

We’re well past the days of weird shorts showing up on Adult Swim before vanishing into the ether. Yule Log is available to stream on HBO Max starting Monday, December 12. Whether you missed the premiere or need a refresher to understand what the hell you just saw, you’ve got yourself covered.

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