What is the hair contouring technique that will be one of the great hair trends of 2023?

What is the hair contouring technique that will be one of the great hair trends of 2023? +2023

There are many trends in hair highlights, as well as in colors, cuts or hairstyles that await us for this 2023 to which, little by little, we can add others such as contouring applied to the hair, or what is the same, how we can work the color and the cut to highlight our most attractive features and hide those that we like the least.

So we have talked to Jose Miguel Gallardo, director of TeaCut Hair Salon from Seville that has given us all the keys to this trend that they work on by studying what color of hair favors according to what skin type.

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We have to know that the hair contouring Play with the light and the dark, so that it contours the face, placing the lightest tones and the points of light in certain areas that vary depending on the shape of our oval. It is a technique capable of highlight the look and lengthen a round face or stylize a more square face.

José Miguel tells us that as a general rule (although there are always exceptions, clearly) we can say that the warm skins are highlighted with golden, copper, warm red and violet red tones, while the Cold skins are favored with shades of ash, beige, red and cold copper and purple.

The issue is to know our skin tone for which there is a little trick to discover it by answering a few simple questions such as if our skin tans easily, if you feel favored with gold, yellow or orange clothes or accessories, and your eyes are brown or hazel, it is very possible let your skin be warm

If, on the other hand, our skin burns the sun easily, your skin is enhanced with silver, bluish-grey or cold green tones of clothing and accessories, and your eyes are blue or gray, the most normal thing is that you have cold skin.

For those with green eyes, they usually indicate a wild card skin that will move comfortably between cold and warm tones, as long as they are not extreme.

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In any case, experts usually indicate that the key to the success of the hair contouring lies in choosing a base tone and then playing with others whenever no more than four tones apart.

The result is a much more favored face, highlighting and illuminating the face.

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