What is Cleansing Milk?  — The 8 Best Make-Up Removers

What is Cleansing Milk? — The 8 Best Make-Up Removers +2023

In this article, we tried to put together the best milk cleansers on the market and give a quick review of each. That way, you can choose the one that suits you best. We’ve covered exactly what cleansing milk is, how it works, and the pros and cons of using milk. So you can know if cleansing milk is right for you. We’ve also touched on the best way to use cleansing milk to make your face feel cleaner and healthier, look at those who do, and tell you if this product can be made at home.

What are cleansing milks? How is it different from other cleaning products?

Cleaning milks are called this way because they resemble milk in consistency. They usually have a creamy, white color, while their texture is very liquid and fluid creams.

Cleansing milk are cleansers made from a mixture of emollient and water that can break down make-up, dirt, sweat and oils. Milk cleansers can be wiped off with a normal cloth, or removed with a face cloth like makeup removers, or rinsed with water.

Unlike gel or foam facial cleansers, cleansing milks do not foam. The only reason gel and powder cleansers lather is because they have surfactants (Surfactant) to break down makeup and dirt.

Surfactants are a type of molecule that change the surface tension of oil and water and allow them to mix. Unfortunately, the active ingredients used in your average gel cleanser can seriously dry out and dehydrate your skin. Just in this case, cleansing milks can help you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cleansing milks?


  • Unlike gel (surfactant-based) cleansers, cleansing milks do not strip the skin of oil, so they feel soft and healthy rather than tight and dehydrated.
  • Cleansing milk formulas are very rich in water, so cleansing milks can moisturize the skin while cleansing it.
  • Cleansing milks are versatile for every skin cleansing technique. You can remove it with a tissue or some cotton pads or rinse with water depending on your preference.
  • If you’re in a place where you don’t have access to running water, cleansing milks are an excellent choice as they can be removed without water.
  • The creamy texture of cleansing milks is super luxurious and comforting and can put you in a very happy and calm mindset.
  • Cleansing milks often contain soothing ingredients that help ward off redness and reduce irritation on sensitive and acne-prone skin. If you have such skin problems, you should definitely consider using cleansing milk.


  • Some cleansing milks are not very successful in “make-up removal” compared to other gel and oil cleansers.
  • If you like your skin to be taut and shiny after cleansing, cleansing milks are not for you. Because it will leave your skin soft and supple after application.
  • If you have an oily skin type, you may not like the moist feeling it leaves.

How to apply cleansing milks on the face?

As we have already mentioned about dual-stage skin cleansing, it is now quite common to use different oil-based cleansers or cleansing milks for lighter and more sensitive skin, and it is a method that really soothes sensitive and dry skin, if you are wondering about dual-stage skin cleansing, you can read below. ;

It’s often said that it doesn’t work, as cleansing milks don’t lather and completely remove makeup, but this is a completely false statement. When used correctly in cleansing milks, it is as effective as normal cleansers. What you need to do for correct use;

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and throw your hair back. Do not let the products you have applied to your hair before come into contact with milk.
  2. If you want to do deep cleaning or if you have a light cleansing milk; It will be more beneficial to first remove your make-up with make-up remover and then clean it again with cleansing milk.
  3. Some cleansing milks are more viscous. If you have one of these, you should first remove your make-up using this product and then apply a gel or foam-based cleanser.
  4. Cleansing milks work best on dry, not wet, face. Make sure your face is dry before applying.
  5. On your hand or on a cotton make-up removal pad, dispense about 1 quarter of the pad of milk cleanser.
  6. If you are using a cotton pad, remove the make-up from your face with upward motions.
  7. If you have heavy makeup, you may want to use more than one pad.

The best facial cleansing milks

Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk

Regardless of your skin type, it’s a great cleansing milk, and it’s also very clean. It also contains jojoba oil and almond oil. It is recommended to use it by wiping it with cotton and it is safe to use around the eyes, it never leaves an oily feeling even though it contains heavy oils, you feel very well moisturized. Although it has a very wonderful smell, I want to warn sensitive skins a little because of the intense smell of perfume.

L’Occitane Infusions Cleansing Milk Facial Make-up Remover – Infusions Cleansing Milk

I especially love this cleansing milk, which they say is not comodejonic (does not clog pores). It can also be used by sensitive skin, it says that it is also suitable for sensitive skin, but it is still a perfumed product, so I recommend you to be careful. It has never scorched my eyes and leaves the skin with just the right moisture without drying it out. In addition, this brand had another oil-milk mixed cleansing product, which was very successful in removing even heavy make-up.

Chanel Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk

Perhaps the most luxurious of cleansing milks! It takes the make-up and dirt off your skin beautifully with a velvety feel. It leaves a moist and beautiful skin, but I still think that you can find more affordable cleansing milks that can be purchased compared to Turkey’s price.

Clarins Cleansing Milk Normal Or Dry Skin Make-up Remover Milk

I think it is one of the most popular cleansing milks, it cleans the skin without tiring and without disturbing the moisture balance. The best cleansing milk for sensitive skin This product may be because it has very little fragrance and smells great. I can’t say that it is overly successful in removing make-up (I’m talking about heavy make-up), so you may want to use it as a second cleanser (two-stage skin cleansing, you can also refer to the article above if you noticed it)

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

Another great cleansing milk for sensitive skin, it cleans the skin very gently and removes make-up, sunscreen etc. It’s pretty good at decals too! The only problem I noticed is that it doesn’t have much of an effect on removing waterproof mascara, if you don’t use waterproof products in your makeup, it will be fine. It also contains jojoba oil and it moisturizes the skin, so it is quite enough. It was marketed as a make-up remover rather than a cleansing lotion, and it’s really good at removing make-up.

The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Milk

Made mostly of coconut milk, this soothing cleansing milk is great for extremely dry and sensitive skin. It also contains chamomile and rose. It has a creamier structure compared to other cleansing milks and is very good at removing make-up, and it also does not have a surfactant formula. Herbal & Natural cleansing milksone of

Avene Lait Demaquillant Douceur – cleansing milk for sensitive and dry/normal skin

If your skin is extremely sensitive (for example, if you are allergic to perfumed products), this cleansing milk is for you because it is fragrance-free, fragrance-free and has a fully hypoallergenic formula. It has a very nice moisturizing formula and you can find the best results by applying it to your dry skin and then rinsing it with water.

Cellex-C Gentle Cleansing Milk – Skin Cleansing Milk

If you have an oily skin type or acne-prone skin, this does not mean that you cannot/should not use cleansing milk. This cleansing milk is especially suitable for skin types in this category and contains lactic acid, as well as willow bark extract with its soothing effect. If you want to learn a little more about acids;

Those who use facial cleansing milk

Frequently Asked Questions

🔴 Cleansing milk or tonic?

I recommend using cleansing milk when cleaning your skin and make-up, and using a tonic for the care of your pores after cleansing.

🔴 What is Cleansing Milk?

It is called milk that is used especially in double-stage skin cleaning, which helps you to remove your make-up more gently and does not dry your skin while doing this. It may contain different oils.

🔴 What’s the Difference Between Cleansing Milks and Other Skin Cleansing Products?

Other skin cleansing products usually need water to clean, but you can apply cleansing milk directly to your skin. In addition, they are more gentle and non-drying than other skin cleansing products.

🔴 Who Should Use Cleansing Milk?

In fact, everyone can use it, but it is especially recommended for those with moisture problems in their skin, namely dry skin and sensitive skin. You can read our article for a few cleansing milk recommendations.

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