What happened to Lorna, the first woman to rock it with reggaeton in Spain (when it wasn’t even in fashion) +2023

The letter of his elder hit it is very likely that it is burned into your brain, and that of every neighbor’s son who was alive in the years two thousand. And it is that, when reggaeton was not yet in fashion in Spain, she introduced us to the subject with the Pimp Daddywhich was not only one of the first songs of the genre to play massively here, but was also one of the first in the history of reggaeton to be performed by a woman. We owe it to Lorna.

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Daddy, daddy, daddy pimp, come to me

It was 2003, artists like Alejandro Sanz, Andy y Lucas or La Oreja de Van Gogh dominated the hit lists. until the Pimp Daddy became the song of the summer and marked the beginning of a new musical taste, with its sexually explicit lyrics and Lorna’s orgasmic sighs over the sample of Bringing Down the Byrds by Herbie Hancock. Bad Bunny was still going to school but reggaeton was already a success in 45 countries thanks to the Panamanian song.

France, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Pakistan surrendered to Latin and urban rhythms with this song. During his golden age, Pimp Daddy sold 3,000,000 physical copies, however, almost 20 years later, few would know how to name another song from this pioneer of reggaeton. Why? In addition to success, Lorna Aponte knew the B side of fame.

Problems with his producer and rumors of overdose

After a tour of almost two years without a break, the singer decided to do a break in his career. He had distanced himself from his friends, from his family and, furthermore, he had fallen in love. To this day, she is still married to the man for whom she decided to leave everything, James Marville, and they have a daughter together.

However, in addition to taking a break to start a family, he had problems with the original producer of Pimp Daddy, that refused for years to pay him his fair sharehaving to go to court to be able to collect.

To all this we must add the rumors that ran for many years that the singer had died from a drug problem. That affected her in many aspects but, above all, when it came to acting again since, when she made plans to tour in other countries, the shows fell off, because she lpeople were not believed to be still alive. In fact, they still ask him on many occasions to confirm his identity. Because yes, Lorna continues to make music and concerts and it is time to keep her on the radar again.

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