What does it mean to dream of blood? +2023

Have you ever dreamed of blood? This type of dream representation can be distressing and even terrifying. But don’t worry, it’s a more common dream than you might believe, and like all, it has its explanation.

For Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, “Dreams are the first link in a series of psychic formations (…) their value is more theoretical than practical and they can help us explain the genesis of phobias, neuroses and obsessive ideas (…) Each dream is revealed as a formation full of meaning to which a precise place in conscious activity can be assigned.

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Although his interpretation of dreams is still valid today, for other more modern psychologists, such as Ian Wallace, their meaning changes. For him, dreams “are part of a deliberate process that helps us learn from past experiences and facilitates the visualization of paths through which to take advantage of opportunities.”

We can only wonder, then, What does blood mean in dreams? We will see it below.

What does blood mean in a dream?

In the collective imaginationblood is associated with life, passion, love and intensity, but also to death and suffering. In addition, it is usually something that is lost, so it can represent a part of ourselves that we are losing.

With this in mind, let’s see Some common interpretations of this dream.

dream of menstrual blood

Dreaming of menstrual blood is probably the most positive option of all that we are going to see. The rule is cyclical, and therefore, when we dream of this type of blood, it is likely that our unconscious is sending us the signal that a problem that afflicted us has been left behind. That is, a cycle has been closed.

dream of blood on the arm

Dreaming of body parts, according to Wallace, “symbolizes the basic ability we have to take decisive and specific action in real life.”

Therefore, if we have blood in any part of our body, such as the arm, our ability to act may be found precisely in passion and vitality.

Dreaming of someone else’s blood

For Wallace, “when the image of a person is recreated in a dream, for example, we will be exploring a growing awareness of an important facet of our character.”

It is not unreasonable to think, then, that when we see someone stained with blood it is his passion and his way of facing life are those characteristics in which we see ourselves reflected and that, perhaps, we are losing.

dream of blood and death

For Wallace, “when we generate dreams related to death, we are becoming aware of the transition towards a key transformation process in our conscious life. This transformation usually involves leaving a situation that is no longer satisfactory to us.

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Therefore, when blood and death unite in our dreams, It is evident that we are losing something, this time, in favor of change. We may be leaving behind an old passion, a love that has not worked out, or any other personal situation related to these emotions.

dream of blood on the ground

The places we dream of, according to Wallace, establish “a connection with a specific situation lived in conscious life and in which we have the necessary personal resources to increase our self-awareness and self-esteem.”

In this case, the ground usually represents security and stability, so we may lack passion to achieve these two goals that we all have in life. Or if we had it, we are losing it.

dream of blood in the mouth

If the arm had to do with action and movement, the mouth has to do with communication.

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Dreaming of blood in the mouth could be a warning that we are losing passion when it comes to expressing ourselveswhich could make it difficult for others to understand us and be motivated by our words.

What does it mean to dream of a blood hemorrhage?

Another possibility is that our dream about blood is not limited to a small trickle, a stain or a slight drip. It is likely that we dream of bleeding, which will make the dream much more unpleasant.

This type of dream maintains the meaning of the previous cases. Only the abundance of blood changes, which could indicate that the loss we are experiencing is greater or faster than we imagined, making us feel that our stability is in danger.

Is dreaming of blood something positive?

Dreams are never essentially positive or negative, since they represent what we are going through. What we are experiencing in real life, and how our subconscious interprets it.

However, the truth is that dreams with blood usually represent complicated situations in our lives, since they usually imply a loss.

The best thing you can do if you have a dream like this, instead of asking yourself if it is positive or negative, it is to try to take advantage of the information that your subconscious sends you to improve your real life, bringing out your best qualities.

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