What does it mean to dream of ants? +2023

Contrary to what used to be believed, dreams are messages that our subconscious it sends us so that we can understand ourselves, allowing us to develop the skills we need to deal with problems in our real lives.

Then, what does it mean to dream about ants? Although it is hard for you to imagine, this dream is much more common than you might think.

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For the psychologist Ian Wallace, the appearance of animals in our dream worldor is it related to instincts and creativity that we have in real life, which means that we can solve problems using our experience and wisdom.

We only have to ask ourselves, then, what does the ant mean in our dreams? Stick around and keep reading to find out.

What is the meaning of the ants?

Ants have a clear representation in our imagination. They are applied, careful insects and, above all, they work as a team. That is why, within our dreams, This little animal represents our perseverance and our companionship.

To finish deciphering its meaning within our dream imaginary, we should know the rest of the context. Here are some possible common interpretations.

Dreaming of ants in the body

When you dream that you have ants all over your body, the most natural thing is that you feel anguish. This is because this dream representation means that there is a problem that you cannot get rid of.

The cause for which you cannot solve it will be related to teamwork or perseverance. Perhaps this is turning into stubbornness, or perhaps you throw in the towel prematurely. Perhaps you refuse to work as a team, or perhaps you depend too much on your colleagues.

dream of ants at home

For Wallace, “houses represent our identity and the rooms in the house symbolize different facets of our personality.” So, The presence of ants in our home indicates problems related to certain parts of ourselves.

Perhaps they are parts that we have not been able to discover or develop due to lack of perseverance or companionship. Analyze which parts of your life are being blocked by these emotions.

Dream about ants in bed

The bed, in addition to rest, is usually associated with sexual life. If you dream that there are ants in it, you may be being somewhat individualistic in sex or perhaps you are not being clear enough about your needs.

Review your sexual life and your interpretation of your sexuality keeping in mind qualities such as companionship and constancy, and you will find the specific meaning of this dream.

dream of ants in food

Habitually, we associate food with the feeling of abundance. That is, in your dreams, the food you see is equivalent to how stable you feel in the most materialistic sense of the word.

Therefore, if you have this dream, you may feel that the lack of companionship or perseverance is keeping you from your goals on an economic or financial level.

dream of ants on the roof

The roof is a part of the house, and as such, it can represent a part of ourselves. Everything depends on the personal interpretation that we have of this section of the house, but for modern psychology, the roof generally represents protection and safety.

Therefore, if there are ants in it, you may not feel safe because you may not be allowing yourself to trust others, preventing you from leaning on them.

Dream about black ants

In general, black is a color associated with doubt and mystery, so when an animal of this color appears in our life it may be presenting us with a part of ourselves that we were unaware of.

However, since the color black is the usual shade of ants, the color representation might not have any additional meaning. Quite simply, our brain literally reproduces what it knows as an ant.

dream of little ants

If the ants that appear in your dream are very small, your unconscious may be sending you the signal that you need to focus on teamwork. You may not be feeling too strong right now, but working side by side with the people who trust you will restore your self-confidence.

What does it mean to dream of ants according to psychoanalysis?

You already know what is the meaning that contemporary psychologists, such as Ian Wallace, give to the appearance of the ant in our dreams. But their meaning has been studied for years.

For Sigmund Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis, The ant can represent our work ethic in our dreams.

Therefore, all the dreams in which this small animal appears have to do with daily work, tasks and even business.

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Is dreaming of black ants a sign of abundance?

Although for a long time it was thought that dreams were messages sent by divine creatures or omens sent by energies beyond human control, the truth is that science has shown that this is not the case.

Dreams are created in our subconscious, so that our unconscious side and the conscious side can come into contact, transmitting us useful information about our current state.

This greatly distances the meaning of dreams with ants from those more metaphysical, which they associate the appearance of this small animal with an omen of abundance.

What number is the ant in dreams?

Another of the superstitious tendencies around dreams is that these they give us the key to be lucky in gambling and betting. Many use this information to choose, for example, the lottery number.

In this chaos the ant represents the number 18since it is the one that is associated with insects.

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