What does it mean to dream about horses? +2023

Have you ever dreamed of a horse? The presence of this animal within the dream world can generate very different emotions, from admiration or tenderness, to fear or terror.

But what does it mean to dream of a horse? For Ian Wallace, psychologist and author of deciphering your dreams“dreaming about animals represents the instincts and creativity that we have in our real life, which implies that we will be able to solve problems using our experience and wisdom.

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Bearing this in mind, then, we must determine what the horse symbolizes. What emotions or skills from our real life does it represent in our dreams? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

What happens when you dream of a horse?

Within the dream world, horses could represent freedom, physical energy, activity and strength. They are animals to which we generally assign positive characteristics.

Following Wallace’s theory, this would mean that when this animal appears in our dream, our unconscious is not indicating that freedom, activity or force may be the answer to some of the problems that we live in today.

But there are certain details in this type of dream that can slightly change the interpretation of the dream.

Dream of a brown horse

To understand the meaning of this dream we must understand the symbolism of the color brown. To this tonality we assign sensations of solidity and reliability, derived from elements such as wood. It is considered a safe and reliable color, associated with the earth, which makes it something warm, natural, safe and comfortable.

That is why, dreaming of a brown horse, can represent that currently we feel comfortable with our position on liberty. We don’t feel trapped or uncomfortable by the need for independence, which is very positive.

dream of a horse at home

About houses, Wallace explains in his book that “they represent our identity and the rooms in the house symbolize different facets of our personality.” Therefore, depending on where the animal is, the meaning can change.

It probably represents an instance of our real life or our personality that is currently giving us problems, indicating that these can be solved with a proactive activity and defending the freedom of thought and movement.

Dream of a white horse

If brown was nature and comfort, white is peace, cleanliness and purity. This color is related to innocence, the pure or the virginal, so on a social or cultural level we can consider that we are facing a positive dream.

Dreaming of a white horse, therefore, may represent that you are currently we feel innocent when it comes to freedom. It can even indicate that perhaps we feel inexperienced or immature in certain areas of our life in which we can begin to exercise that achieved freedom.

dream of a black horse

In our society, black is associated with mourning, so this color is usually related to sadness or death. It is also related to night and darkness, which does not lead to thinking about the unknown or the dangerous. Another possible association related to all of the above is loneliness.

When we dream of a black horse, therefore, we are uniting many concepts. Perhaps your subconscious is warning you that you are afraid to manifest that freedom implicit in you for fear of the consequences, of losing important people or of being left alone.

dream of running horses

In this case, it all depends on how you interpret the dream. If seeing horses running relieves you or invites you to do the same (perhaps riding one), this dream may represent movement. That is, thanks to your independence and your emotional strength, you are moving in the right direction towards your goals.

On the contrary, if this dream becomes distressing, you may not feel ready to face everything that is happening in your real life. After all, freedom or independence always carry a responsibility for which we may not be prepared.

dream of a small horse

When a horse appears in dreams that is too small, we can be before a clear sign that we are being dependent in excess in some aspect of our life.

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It is possible that our unconscious is sending us a signal to alert us about the need to take some distance and be more independent.

What does it mean to dream of a horse according to the Bible?

Within the Bible, the horse is a fundamental animal. In the scriptures, the steed always represents power and strengthand is used as a metaphor to refer to entire armies or important warriors.

Secondly, this animal can also represent pride and arroganceas in the passage in which the “white horse of Babylon” is mentioned.

Also, the horse can symbolize freedom, given its independence in nature. As you can see, the meaning of the horse according to the Bible is very different depending on the contextso their interpretation depends on how they are used within each passage.

What does it mean to dream of horses spiritually?

Although it is common for dreams to be given a spiritual meaning, the truth is that these are generated in our subconsciousand, therefore, more than providing us with metaphysical information, they inform us about our unconscious processes.

However, unlike on other occasions, the meaning that gurus and shamans give to the appearance of horses in dreams is very similar to that given by psychology.

In the spiritual aspect, horses represent our innocence and our goodness, as well as our ability to connect with the people around us. These animals can also be related in our dreams to our emotions and our energy.

In addition, there are those who indicate that horses symbolize vital energy, libido and physical strength.

What number should I play if I dream of a horse?

There is no scientific or psychological evidence that affirms that dreams can be premonitory, because, as we have already explained, They are images created by our subconscious. to communicate what is happening to us internally at all times.

Namely, dreams are a door to understand how our mind and our unconscious side work.

However, there are those who claim that dreams can tell us things such as what number to play in the lottery. In the case of the horse, numbers such as 7, 19 and 85 are associated with it.

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